cares labeling

Eurocare’s view and recommendation on Labeling

Eurocare's vision is a Europe where alcohol related harm is no longer one of the leading risk factors for ill-health and pre-mature death.

A Europe where innocents no longer suffer from the drinking of others and where the European Union and its Member States recognise the harm done by alcohol and apply effective and comprehensive policies to tackle it.
Eurocare is recognised as the leading independent and objective commentator to alcohol related dialogue and policy development.

Eurocare's view:

  • Consumers have the right to be aware of the ingredients contained in beverages.
  • Relevant nutrition information like kcal
  • Certain ingredients can cause allergies or intolerances
  • Alcoholic strength (total grams)
  • Health and safety warnings

Way forward:

  • Suggestions for better images/pictures/texts by 1 February 2010
  • Spring Open consultation period
  • Hopefully to be tested in different settings
  • Result to be presented in the 4th European Alcohol Policy Conference 21-22 June 2010