Training Manual

Training Manual for managing hazardous and harmful alcohol consumption

The aims of the Training Manual are:

  • To enhance the skills of PHC professionals in the management of alcohol-related issues.
  • To provide policy makers and Health Authorities with a tool that allows them to promote the dissemination of SBI techniques in PHC settings.

It represents a challenge as:

  • PHC workers lack training in alcohol issues and specially in SBI techniques
  • PHC workers are overloaded by their clinical work. Time is a main constraint.
  • Motivation is a key issue both in GPs and patients.

The training manual is being developed under the following principles:

  • Be clear, simple and flexible
  • Help GPs to solve already existing problems. Takes into account resistances against screening
  • Be delivered in few hours and integrated in the regular CME
  • Be adaptable to self-training formats
  • Provide user friendly tools & materials that can be used in the daily practice


  • Introduction and basic concepts.
  • Screening tools
  • Brief advice and assessment techniques for risky drinkers
  • Alcohol Dependence