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Saturday 19 - Workshop2, Prevention in the workplace

Why it is important and necessary to do prevention work in the workplace: Accidents, Absenteeism, Tardiness, Hangovers, Strains on co-workers, Replacement costs etc, David Gold and Joanna Caborn, the International Labour Organisation

Four workplace programmes in Europe
How to be a change agent, how to motivate and help companies to make alcohol and drugs policies and programmes in their own workplace; how to work within the companies; the role of the social partners; establish a network

Alcohol and drug abuse prevention at the workplace in Italy: The Euridice model, Paolo Deluca, PhD Psychologist, Cooperativa di Studio e Ricerca Sociale Marcella

Experience of working in Poland and with the ILO, Ewa Osiatynska, Batory Foundation, Regional A&D Program (Poland)

AKAN, the predominant Norwegian workplace programme since 1963, Annette Paul, AKAN

Workplace Programme Prevention, Claude Riviere, European advisor, ANPA (Association Nationale de Prévention en Alcoologie et Addictiologie).