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WHO's new Director General: Dr Margaret Chan

On 9 November Dr Margaret Chan was appointed Director-General of the World Health Organisation.


Request to support an Amendment to ban alcohol adverts on TV before 9.00 p.m.

The 1989 Television without Frontiers Directive is currently being revised and updated to deal with the digital media environment. The legislation sets the rules for media service providers on advertising, sponsorship, product placement.

Eurocare and other public health NGOs have been tracking the updated version of the TV without Frontiers Directive, now known as the Audiovisual Directive. One of the key principles in the proposed Directive is protection of children and minors from harmful content.


The Alcohol and Health Forum and the experience of the NGOs from the EU Diet Platform

According to the Communication on the EU Alcohol Strategy, the Commission will set up an Alcohol and Health Forum by June 2007, which will help the dissemination of good practices and will have as its overall objective to support, provide input for and monitor the implementation of the strategy.


Diageo signs a deal with ETSC to improve road safety

Diageo, one of the largest drinks manufacturers in the world, has signed a two-year deal with the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC), an Brussels-based organisation set up to improve road safety across Europe.


UK - Blair intervenes in court case to reduce the penalties on Diageo over alleged unpaid tax

British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, was accused of abusing his position by writing a secret personal appeal to the Turkish Prime Minister to stop his country's courts imposing heavy fines on British drinks manufacturer, Diageo.


Spain – Government's Legislative proposal to prevent alcohol consumption among minors

On 25 September, the Spanish Ministry of Health published a Draft Act on Health Measures for the Protection of Health and the Prevention of alcohol consumption by Minors. Although limited to minors, the draft represents a significant breakthrough for alcohol policy in Spain, because it establishes a common legal framework for the whole Country, filling and bridging gaps and discrepancies among regional policies.

Since the proposal from the Government focuses on the protection of the health of minors, it will have a better chance of being passed in Parliament because there exists a general consensus that priority should be given to the protection of the most vulnerable groups, i.e. adolescents and children.


The EU Alcohol Strategy

A Communication on the EU Strategy on alcohol is expected to be presented to the College of Commissioners on 11 October in response to repeated requests by Health Ministers.


European Court of Justice: Swedish retail sales monopoly case (latest developments)

Klas Rosengren and others (hereafter called Rosengren) ordered Spanish wine advertised on a Danish website, some of it by mail-order and some directly from the producer.


European Commission releases a report on Self-Regulation in the EU Advertising sector

On 12 July, DG SANCO released the report of the Round Table on Advertising.

Chaired by the Director General of DG SANCO, Robert Madelin, the Round Table was set up in October 2005 in response to a request by advertisers for guidance and support at the current stage of their endeavours.


FRANCE - French target alcohol consumption by pregnant women

A French government decree on the mandatory introduction on all bottles of wines and spirits of a pictogram highlighting zero tolerance of alcohol consumption by women during pregnancy is poised for publication in the official State Gazette.

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