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STAP launches breast cancer information campaign

The Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy STAP has started an information campaignabout alcohol use and breast cancer.


Alcolocks on the rise

A breath alcohol ignition interlock device, or ‘alcolock’ for short, is a breathalyser located near the driver’s seat which prevents drivers from starting the vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.


Concern at ex-lobbyist's influence

In May 2017, 19 public health advocates sounded the alarm bell at the prospect of Audrey Bourolleau’s nomination to the Élysée.


Eurocare specifies what should be on the bottle

Eurocare has outlined what should be on the alcohol labels, while waiting for the industry self-regulatory proposal.


Cross-Border Aspects in Alcohol Policy – Tackling Harmful Use of Alcohol

Attached are the summary and conclusions of the 'Cross-Border Aspects in Alcohol Policy - Tackling Harmful Use of Alcohol' conference.


RSPH proposes new labelling scheme to tackle alcohol health awareness vacuum

The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) is today (26 January 2018) proposing a new approach to the way alcoholic drinks are labelled in the UK, in response to what it calls an “alcohol health awareness vacuum”.


Launch of EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation in Brussels

Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein have launched a new financing mechanism called 'EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation'.


Why ‘go online’ is simply not good enough - Eurocare’s reaction to alcohol labelling rumours

Last week (Friday 19 January 2018) it has been reported by Politico that industry self-regulatory proposal regarding alcohol labelling will mainly compose of off-label suggestions.


Swedish White Paper proposes limiting alcohol advertising in social media

A prohibition of commercial advertising in social media for alcoholic beverages and alcoholic substances is proposed in a White Paper submitted to the government.


Diageo teams up with UberEats

Diageo announced today that retailers will be able to order alcoholic beverages through the UberEats app.

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