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Scotland - Invisible ink to sink underage drink menace

In a bid to trace where underage drinkers buy their booze, police has given shopkeepers in West Lothian, Scotland, special pens to mark their bottles with invisible ink.


Italy - Study identifies Italian women as high-risk drinkers

The prevalence of foetal alcohol effects (FAE) in Italian primary schools is much higher than previously thought.


Switzerland - Lower BAC laws save lives

The number of traffic deaths in Switzerland is continuing to fall. Traffic deaths were down 17 percent from a year ago. 153 people were killed on Swiss roads the first six months of 2006, according to the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention (BFU). Serious injuries fell by 15 percent to 2060.


SocioDrogaAlcohol: 7th Autumn School for Training in Substance Abuse

Since 2000, Socidrogalcohol organizes each year a 3 day seminar “the Autumn School of Socidrogalcohol”. This year it will take place in Benidorm (Alicante) on 9 – 11 November.


EU Council of ministers reaches an accord on drinks containers

Brussels, 27 September 2006. The European Union Council of ministers has reached a political agreement to drop all restrictions on the size of drinks containers except for wine and spirits where the present fixed sizes will mostly remain, including the standard 70cc wine bottle.


Expert conference on Health in all policies

The Finnish Presidency's main health event, the Health in All Policies conference, took place on 20-21 September 2006 in Kupio, Finland, where over 200 experts, officials and ministers gathered to discuss how the EU Treaty provision to protect human health in all policies can be taken forward at national, local and EU levels.


EU wine reform postponed

Brussels, Monday 18 September. EU agriculture and rural development commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel, has told the Union's 25 agriculture ministers of the Commission's intention to postpone wine market reforms set to slash 400,000 hectares of vineyards.


Binge Drinking Focus of the WHO Regional Committee for the Western Pacific Meeting

18-22 September, Auckland, New Zealand. Concerned by the growing public health problems associated with the harmful consumption of alcohol and the increasing trend in hazardous drinking, the WHO Regional Committee for the Western Pacific has drawn up a strategy to reduce alcohol-related harm in that region.


Eurocare Annual General Meeting (Cambridge 15th – 17th September Cambridge): The future of Eurocare

At the AGM Derek Rutherford announced his retirement as Eurocare Secretary. Andrew McNeill (Director of the Institute of Alcohol Studies – UK) was elected to replace him as Eurocare Secretary.


Commission proposes increases of minimum rates

Brussels, 8 September. The European Commission has announced the adoption of a proposal to raise minimum rates of excise duties on alcohol and alcoholic beverages.

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