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Second Pathways for Health meeting in Paris (21 and 22 June)

The second “Pathways For Health” meeting took place in Paris on the 21 and 22 of June. The meeting was organised by the French Ministry of Health, SFA and ANPA. Twenty five participants from all over Europe discussed the three main topics of the project: Binge drinking, drink driving and labelling of alcoholic beverages.


Intergroup meeting in Strasbourg on the Television Without Frontiers Directive (TWF)

On 14 December 2005, the European Commission released a proposal to revise the Television Without Frontiers Directive (TWF). The aim of the directive is to regulate television broadcasting in Europe, including advertising. The provision of measures on alcohol and the protection of minors is an important part of the directive.


Germany: The FIFA World Cup promotes excessive alcohol consumption

By the end of the Football World Championships, the Germans could be champions in drinking alcohol.


European Parliament: Audiovisual Media Services Directive

Brussels, 1-2 June Public Hearing at the European Parliament on the revised EU Television Without Frontiers Directive (TWF). To view the issues that were discussed during the hearing click here.


Landmark EU report shows the full burden of alcohol in Europe

A 400 page report analysing the health, social and economic impact of alcohol in Europe, was released on 1 June by the European Commission, setting out the scientific evidence that will inform the Commission's first-ever strategy on alcohol due out later this year.


Launch of the EU health portal

The European Commission launched last May the Health EU Portal (the official health portal of the European Union). The portal is an initiative of the Community Public Health Programme and aims to be a source of reliable information on a wide-range of health topics (including alcohol and drugs) and the related EU policies and activities. The website also contains information on the latest developments in research.


Finland's EU Presidency: health priorities

During its Presidency, Finland wants to launch the debate in order to determine what exactly is entailed by the mandate set out in article 152 of the EC Treaty which establishes that “A high level of human health protection shall be ensured in the definition and implementation of all Community policies and activities”.


The European Commission opens the debate again on new labeling legislation

The European Commission Directorate General for Health and Consumer Protection (DG SANCO) is currently rethinking a number of labelling issues and has entered into dialogue with the key stakeholders to redefine the foundations of their approach.


The Brewers of Europe and Ernst & Young have published a Report on The contribution made by beer to the EU economy

As the EU gears up for a battle over the health and social impact of alcohol consumption, with the Commission funded report “Alcohol in Europe” released the 1st of June and the Commission's first Strategy on Alcohol expected in September, the Brussels based lobby the Brewers of Europe have launched a report describing the economic impact of the brewing sector in terms of employment due to the production and sale of beer, the contribution to the European economy in terms of value added and in terms of tax revenues collected by national governments.


The European commission believes the EU makes too much low quality wine: The reform of the wine sector

In recent years the EU - including Bulgaria and Romania - has produced approximately 180 million hectolitres of wine, creating a surplus of 22 million hectolitres. This surplus looks set to increase since European producers have steadily lost market share to New World competitors such as Australia and Chile (the demand for European wine is declining by a steady 0.65 per cent while imports are on the rise).

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