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Sport and Alcohol – les liaisons dangereuses

ANPAA’s latest issue of Décryptages explores the controversial relationship between alcohol and sport. The publication explains that while both alcohol and sport can be associated with enjoyment and celebration, such associations are made in very different ways.


State of Health in the EU: Commission pools expertise to support health policies in EU countries

The European Commission is bringing together internationally renowned expertise to strengthen country-specific and EU-wide knowledge in the field of health. This effort will support Member States in their evidence-based policy making.


#OutbidChang - A David vs Goliath mission

Help a local barbershop outbid a giant alcohol company for the Everton Jersey spot. The cost is about $23 million. Our children’s heroes shouldn't be billboards and ambassadors for alcohol brands!


Cuts to police enforcement across Europe doubly damaging for road safety

Two reports just published by the ETSC inform that declines in the level of police enforcement of traffic offences are contributing to Europe’s failure to cut the numbers dying in road collisions.


Reaction to F1 and its Heineken sponsorship deal

Today Eurocare issued an open letter addressed to Jean Todt, the President of Federation Internationale de l’Automobile, with a Reaction to F1 and its Heineken sponsorship deal.


Call for Participation of International Non-Profit Organisations

Alcohol Awareness Week in Germany “Alcohol? Less is better!”

13th - 21st May 2017


Revision of the EU audio visual media services directive (AVMSD)

On the 25 May, the European Commission adopted a new legislative proposal amending the AVMSD. Regulation of commercial communication as well as protection of minors are elements of the directive, and, therefore, the AVMSD is highly important when discussing exposure of alcohol advertisement, especially to young people.


Green Crescent welcomes Eurocare and SHAAP at event in Istanbul

On 25 May, Green Crescent hosted in its headquarters in Istanbul a panel discussion on European and Scottish Alcohol Policy with the participation of Turkish Alcohol Policy Platform (TAPP), Eurocare and Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (SHAAP).


Call for an EU Homelessness Strategy

Homelessness can be ended! How can you help? Please ask your MEP to Sign the Written Declaration today. In order to find out which MEPs still have to sign the petition please contact Eurocare.


PAHO Meeting on Alcohol Marketing Regulation: Final Report

An exploratory meeting on regulation of marketing of alcohol products was held at the Pan American Health Organization in WDC, 12-13 January 2015.

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