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Food information to consumers: ENVI postpones vote to next parliamentary term

16 March 2009. The Environment Committee has decided (with 26 votes for and 10 votes against) to postpone its vote on the proposal on food information to consumers. In the view of the almost 1000 amendments tabled to the draft report by Renate Sommer (EPP-ED, DE), MEPs followed the rapporteurs request to assign her to submit a new draft report, incorporating as many amendments as possible, but this is unlikely to be done until after the elections. A new deadline for amendments will then be opened.


Alcohol advertising influences adolescents' alcohol consumption, concludes Science Group of Alcohol and Health Forum.

On 11th of March, the Science Group of the European Alcohol & Health Forum presented a report on the impact of alcohol marketing on the volume and drinking patterns of alcohol consumption by young people.

The Science Group, composed of public health as well as industry affiliated scientists, unanimously adopted the report, thus going against the long standing stance of the industry that advertising only serves to reinforce brand allegiance, but does not lead to increased consumption.


Scotland unveils plans to introduce minimum pricing

Last week, the Scottish government announced new measures to tackle alcohol related harm, including the radical step to introduce minimum pricing of alcohol (per unit). If this controversial measure goes ahead, Scotland would be the first country in Europe to take the step.


French National Cancer Institute publishes Nutrition report linking alcohol and cancer

The report, published on 17 February 2009, states that the consumption of alcoholic beverages is associated to an increase in risks of following types of cancer: mouth, pharynx and larynx, oesophagus, colorectal, breast and liver. The risk of developing these types of cancer increase even at low levels of alcohol consumption, starting at one glass per day.


New Funding Opportunities for Public Health

The European Commission has now published the Work Plan for 2009 for the implementation of its second programme of Community action in the field of health.


Alcohol Action Ireland launches new website!

Eurocare's Irish member, Alcohol Action Ireland has launched its new website

The website includes facts on alcohol and alcohol policy as well as information about new campaigns.


MEPs support measures for effective cross border enforcement of traffic offences such as drink driving

The European Parliament overwhelmingly backed plans in Strasbourg to establish a system to enforce penalties against drivers who commit an offence in another EU Member State (594 votes in favour, 35 against and 40 abstentions).


Commission launches public consultation on EU action to reduce health inequalities

In a context where there is an increasing political will to act at European level to reduce health inequalities between and within the EU countries, the European Commission has announced a communication on reducing health inequalities in the EU in its work programme for 2009. In order to prepare this Communication the Commission is consulting relevant stakeholders and has invited Eurocare and its members to send contributions.


New article examines Impact of alcohol advertising and Media Exposure on Adolescent Alcohol Use

Anderson P, de Brujin A, Angus K, Gordon R, and Hastings G (2009) "The impact of alcohol advertising and Media Exposure on Adolescent Alcohol Use: A Systematic Review of Longitudinal Studies", Alcohol and Alcoholism (in press).

Abstract: Aims: To assess the impact of alcohol advertising and media exposure on the future adolescent alcohol use.

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