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Ownership of promotional item increases likelihood of starting to drink to 77%

By EUCAM (European Centre for Alcohol Marketing Monitoring)

A recent study by Henriksen et al (2008) published in Journal of Adolescent Health examines the impact of receptivity to alcohol marketing and recall/recognition of alcohol brand names on initiation of alcohol use in American adolescents.


Constitutive meeting of the Alcohol Policy Youth Network (APYN) in Budapest

The first youth network on alcohol policy was established in Budapest, from 28-30 March: Alcohol Policy Youth Network (APYN).


European Wine sector launches responsible consumption campaign

Brussels, 18 March 2008. The European wine sector has launched its “Wine in Moderation, Art de Vivre” programme, which “encourages moderation and responsibility in the consumption of wine, with a view to contributing to the EU strategy to reduce alcohol-related harm”.


UK: Higher Tax for Alcohol

On Wednesday 12 March, UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling, announced that duty on alcoholic drinks has been increased by 6% more than the rate of inflation. In his address to the House of Commons, the Chancellor said:


2nd Meeting of the Special Task Force on Marketing and Communication

The 2nd meeting of the Youth Task Force took place in Luxembourg on 4 - 5 March 2008.


3rd Alcohol Policy Conference: Conclusions and Recommendations

The third European Alcohol Policy conference took place in Barcelona, 3rd-5th April 2008, with 352 participants from 36 countries. The conference was encompassed within the programme of activities organized by the Slovenian Presidency of the EU.


Launch of EUCAM, the European Alcohol Marketing Monitoring Centre

Faced by the mounting evidence on the effect alcohol marketing has in increasing the use of alcohol among young people, a number of European public health NGOs have decided to join forces to set up the 1st European alcohol marketing monitoring centre: EUCAM.


EU Public Health Programme ‘Call For Proposals 2008' Published

The EU Public Health Programme has published its 'Call for proposals 2008' which allows organisations to participate under a variety of financing mechanisms.

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