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2nd Meeting of the Task Force on Youth-Specific Aspects of Alcohol

The 2nd meeting of the Youth Task Force took place in Luxembourg on 19- 20 February 2008.


EFRD joins the European Spirits Organisation – CEPS and moves to shared offices

15 February 2008 . The European Forum for Responsible Drinking, EFRD, has become a full member of the European Spirits Organisation - CEPS. The two organisations moved into a new shared office on 25 February 2008 at 12 Rue Belliard (Brussels).


Eurocare half-yearly meeting in Barcelona

Eurocare will hold its half yearly meeting in Barcelona on 2 April 2008. Further information will be soon available in the member's only section of the Eurocare website


Proposal for Council Directive concerning general arrangement of excise duty

The European Commission on 14 February 2008 adopted a proposal to review the Directive on the general arrangements for products subject to excise duty (i.e. alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and mineral oils) which dates from 1992.


Commission presents proposal on food labelling

Brussels, 30 January. The European Commission has adopted a proposal on the provision of food information to consumers. The proposal aims at modernising EU food labelling rules and making food labels clearer and more relevant to the needs of EU consumers. Under the Draft Regulation proposal, foodstuffs are required to list the ingredients and to display key nutritional information on the front of the package (including energy value, the amounts of fat, saturates, carbohydrates with specific references to sugars and salt). General requirements on how nutrition information should be displayed on food labels are also set out, although there is room for Member States to promote additional national schemes provided they do not undermine the EU rules. The draft Regulation extends the current requirements for allergen labelling to cover non pre-packed food.


WHO adopts resolution requesting a Global Alcohol Strategy

Geneva, 22 January. The WHO Executive Board in its 122nd session has unanimously, after 3 amendments initiated by Cuba, recommended the World Health Assembly the adoption of a resolution requesting the WHO Director General to prepare a draft global strategy to reduce harmful use of alcohol that is based on all available evidence and existing best practices and that addresses relevant policy options, taking into account different national, religious and cultural contexts, including national public health problems, needs and priorities, and differences in Member States' resources, capacities and capabilities;


European Parliament's Wine Intergroup Meeting in Strasbourg

Strasbourg, 16 January. The wine Intergroup of the European Parliament met in Strasbourg to discuss the revision of the EU legislation on food and nutrition labelling. They invited Paula Pinho from the cabinet of Commissioner Kyprianou to speak on the recent steps taken by the commission to put forward legislation on food and nutrition labelling.


European Parliament adopts Strategy on Rights of the Child,

Strasbourg, 16 January. After debating how to strengthen the European strategy to protect the rights of children, the European Parliament adopted a resolution based on the own-initiative report drawn up by Roberta Angelilli (UEN, IT), entitled “Towards an EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child.” The Strategy calls for children's rights to be mainstreamed in all external policies and actions of the EU. The resolution was adopted by 630 votes for, 26 against and 62 abstentions.


PHP Project Reports and Recommendations Released

PHP, Pathways for Health Project, has just released their reports, recommendations and conclusions for the topics of binge drinking, drunk driving and consumer labelling and alcoholic drinks. These documents also contain current aspects of the issues, reviews and reports on the current status of the research. All these documents are available on the DHS website, as well as listed below.


New Health Program: Call for Proposals end of February

The New Public Health Programme 2008-2013 is making a first call for proposals to be published end of February. An Infoday will be organised by DG SANCO on 12 March 2008 in Luxembourg for anyone who wishes to participate. There are limited places, so participation will be ensured only on a first-come-first-served basis. Registration closes on 3 March 2008.

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