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Lunch meeting on FASD (Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders) in the European Parliament - Strasbourg

To mark the International FASD Day (9 September) Eurocare organised, together with Dutch MEPs, Mr. Jules Maaten (ALDE) and Ms Dorette Corbey (PSE), a lunch meeting at the European Parliament in Strasbourg on the 4th of September.


ELSA Project: Alcohol advertisement regulations in Europe do not protect minors

Just after the approval by the European Parliament of its report on the EU Alcohol Strategy offering strong support for self-regulation, the results of a project funded by the Commission (ELSA project) show that there is no scientific support for the effectiveness of self-regulation and that the rules concerning alcohol advertisement in Europe do not protect minors sufficiently.


DHS: Innovative practices to tackle drink driving, binge drinking and Consumer information

The German member of Eurocare, the German Centre for Addiction (DHS), has recently published the results of the EU funded project, Pathways for Health.


STAP: High compliance of alcohol ads proves shortcomings rather than effectiveness self regulation

Reaction of STAP to Advertising Compliance Monitoring Report 2007 by the EFRD


Germany - Taxes on alcopops lead Baccardi to withdraw its Breezer from the German market

Baccardi is withdrawing its alcopops brands Rigo and Breezer from the German market, after a sharp decline in sales, the company announced from its German headquarters in Hamburg Tuesday.

The imposition in 2004 of a special tax on mixed alcopop drinks, aimed at making them less attractive to younger consumers, led to a sharp fall in market share.


Sweden - Risk Drinking Project: Alcohol prevention work in primary health care and occupational heath care

The aim of this project is to have issues about alcohol habits to be a natural element in the daily health care work - integrated in such as way that it reflects alcohols importance as a source of medical injuries and illnesses.


European Parliament adopts a report on the definition, description, presentation and labelling of spirit drinks

Strasbourg, 18 June. MEPs have adopted an amended report on the definition, description, presentation and labelling of spirit drinks by Hors Schnellhardt (EPP-ED, DE).


New Eurocare and Members join the European Commission's Alcohol and Health Forumarticle

Brussels, 7 June. 7th June marked the launch of the European Commission's Alcohol and Health Forum, a multistakeholder platform bringing together civil society and businesses pledging to take action to reduce alcohol related harm in Europe.


UK – New Alcohol Strategy

UK, 5 June. England's Home Office Minister, Vernon Coaker, and Public Health Minister Caroline Flint unveiled 'Safe, Sensible, Social - next steps for the National Alcohol Strategy'. The new Strategy builds on the foundations laid and the lessons learnt since 2004, when the country's first Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy was launched.


Commission Communication on Mental Health: Information from the Commission

The adoption of a Commission Communication on Mental Health is scheduled to take place during the 3rd quarter of 2007. The document is in the process of being finalised.

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