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Finland - Minister of Health pushes for abandoning Alcohol Labelling

By Ritva Varamäki, Vice-Secretary of Eurocare and Development Manager for Finnish Center for Health Promotion


France - French Court rules all press articles about alcohol must contain a health warning

After Le Parisien published an editorial article entitled, “The Triumph of Champagne,” which reviewed various brands of champagne, the National Association for the Prevention of Alcoholism and Addiction took the paper to court. The court ruled that despite being an editorial, the article should have “conformed to advertising regulations and included a health warning on excessive drinking.” This ruling reinforces the already established regulatory guidelines.

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Hungary - Hungary enacts tough anti-DUI legislation

With the passing of new legislation, Hungarian drivers who have consumed any amount of alcohol at all will immediately have their licenses revoked. Authorities are hoping that the new, zero-tolerance legislation will significantly reduce the number of traffic accidents and alcohol-related auto injuries.

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Denmark - Denmark bans binge-travel advertisements directed at young people

The Consumer Ombudsman has introduced a complete ban on pub crawls, body tequilas and booze games in travel marketing directed at young people. As a result, travel agencies are no longer allowed to use alcohol as “bait” when advertising holidays.


Germany - Diagnoses acute alcoholic intoxication: Still high rates among young people

By Walter Farke (DHS)

Wiesbaden (Germany) – The Federal Office of Statistics reported about 19,522 alcohol intoxicated children, young people and young adults between 10 and 20 years who were treated in hospital in 2006. This is an increase of 0.4% compared to the previous year. This rate is a very high level and is twice as high as in 2000 (+105%).


Ireland - Alcohol Abuse Not Just a Youth Issue

Groups representing the country's youth have condemned moves to restrict the sale of alcohol to people over 21, saying that doing so ignores the broader problems caused by alcohol. Mary Cunningham, director of The National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI), claims that the proposal to increase the legal age limit for purchasing alcohol from 18 to 21 inherently attributes binge drinking and public order offences to young people and ignore the bigger picture. She said statistic demonstrate a “population wide problem with alcohol misuse.”


Ireland - Lower Alcohol Limit for Bikers Proposed

Minister Arlene Foster has proposed lowering the alcohol limit for motorcylists in Northern Ireland.


3rd European Alcohol Policy Conference: Building Capacity for Action

Barcelona, 3-5 April, 2008

The third in a series of European Alcohol Policy conferences will take place in Barcelona from the 3rd to the 5th of April, 2008. The Conference will be one of the official events of the Slovenian Presidency of the European Union.


CEPS publishes 2nd report on implementation of Charter on Responsible Alcohol Consumption

Brussels, November 30. The European Spirits Organisation – CEPS has published its Second Year Progress Report on implementation of the CEPS Charter on Responsible Alcohol Consumption (adopted in 2005).

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