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Alcohol consumption accounts for a major proportion of the health gap between the new and the old Member States

The final results of the research project “Closing the Gap”, were presented last 23 October in a conference in Brussels.
The aim of this three-year project funded by the Commission was to improve the understanding of the underlying causes of health differences between EU15 and EU10 countries and to identify and quantify major health determinants responsible for the health gap.


Eurocare welcomes the improved public health article in the Reform Treaty

19 October, Lisbon, Portugal. EU leaders on 19 October agreed on a final text of the new EU Treaty at an informal summit in Lisbon. The new Treaty to be formally signed off on 13 December in the Portuguese capital will subsequently be ratified next year, with a view to coming into place by mid-2009, ahead of the next European elections.


First Meeting of the Alcohol and Health Forum

17 October, Brussels. The Directorate for Public Health and Consumer Protection of the European Commission (DG SANCO) has held the first plenary meeting of the Alcohol and Health Forum. This multistakholder forum, modelled on the EU Platform for Diet, Physical Activity and Health, brings together actors pledging to take concrete actions to reduce alcohol related harm in Europe, now the heaviest drinking region in the world.


Alcohol and Health Forum Update

On 17 October 2007, DG Sanco hosted the first Plenary Meeting of the Alcohol and Health Forum[1].

The Agenda of the first meeting was mainly focused on practical discussions, such as the electronic form for commitments participants are required to fill in by Monday 3rd December 2007. All the data submitted by participants will be entered into a database, accessible from the Commission Website.


Ireland will soon introduce health-warning labels for pregnant women on alcohol containers

16 October. Drinks Manufacturers Ireland (DMI), the umbrella body for the industry, has confirmed that it had agreed to introduce a health warning about the dangers of drinking alcohol during pregnancy on all alcohol containers sold in the Republic.


Lunch Briefing on New Approaches to Alcohol Policy

European Parliament, 10 October. The International Center for Alcohol Policies (ICAP) a think tank funded by the major producers of alcohol beverages[1] has organized a lunch briefing to present the alcohol industry's approach to the reduction of the harm caused by alcohol.


Council agrees on Programme of Community Action in the field of Health 2008-2013

9 October. The European Council has agreed on the Second EU Programme of Community Action in the field of Health 2008-2013.


AdVantage launch: a debating platform within the European Parliament on the role of advertising in our society

European Parliament, Brussels, 3 October. AdVantage, a new platform that brings together decision-makers and representatives from the advertising and media industries, was launched at a reception hosted by three Members of the European Parliament from the EPP and ALDE groups [1].


European Parliament prepares its report on the Community Strategy on health and safety at work

The European Parliament is currently preparing its report on the Community Strategy on health and safety at work that was unveiled by the Commission last February.

The new strategy builds upon the evaluation of the previous Community strategy on health and safety at work 2002-2006 and its main objective is to reduce the incidence rate of accidents at work (by 25%) and occupational illnesses.


Eurostat report: comparative price levels of alcoholic beverages in 37 European countries

According to a Eurostat report, the statistical office of the European communities, in 2006, the price of beverages was on average two and a half times more in the most expensive EU country than in the cheapest,.

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