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It's the first time health warnings on alcoholic drink containers will be this specific in Britain, where binge- drinking among young adults has been a growing concern.

The number of young motorists involved in accidents while under the influence of alcohol is increasing, despite high profile anti drink drive publicity campaigns. Scotland Yard has revealed that almost a quarter of all offenders and casualties in London were aged between 17 and 24. A survey carried out by BBC Radio 1's Newsbeat suggested that a similar picture was emerging across the whole of the country.


Germany - alcohol consumption among young continues to increase

By Walter Farke DHS (Germany)

The Federal Centre for Health Education has published the results of a representative survey on alcohol consumption among young people aged from 12 to 19. These results, released during a nationwide campaign against alcohol and addiction, show increases in alcohol consumption for this age group between 2005 and 2007.


The European Economic and Social Committee opinion on EU Alcohol Strategy

By Dr. Ann Hope, Expert for the Rapporteur Ms. Jillian van Turnhout.

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) opinion on the Communication from the Commission, An EU strategy to support Member States in reducing alcohol related harm, was adopted at its plenary session on 30 May 2007


EU Media Ministers reach agreement on EU Television without Frontiers Directive

Brussels, May 24. After a legislative process of 18 months, the EU Ministers for Culture and the Media have, by unanimity, reached political agreement on the revision of the EU Television Without Frontiers Directive.


Estonia - Alcohol and tobacco tax to rise in Estonia next year

The government of Estonia decided on 24 May to increase its alcohol excise duties by 30%.


The European Parliament votes against Lulling report on minimum excise duties on alcohol

Strasbourg, 23 May. The Members of the European Parliament have today voted against the adoption of the report prepared by the vice-chairman of the Beer group in the European Parliament, the MEP from Luxembourg, Ms Astrid Lulling, on minimum excise duties on alcohol.


The 16th World Health Assembly closes with no agreement on a Global Strategy on Alcohol

Geneva 23 May. In spite of support from many countries, a resolution for a global strategy to diminish harmful alcohol use failed to go through, after opposition from alcohol-producing lands, with Cuba being a notable example.


The European Parliament calls for an abolition of mandatory minimum excise duties on alcohol

Brussels, 11 April. MEPs in the Economics Committee say that minimum levels of duty for alcoholic drinks should be scrapped.


The Alcohol Strategy in the European Parliament

The European Parliament is preparing its report on the Commission's Communication on an EU strategy to support Member States in combating alcohol-related harm.


Results of DG SANCO's consultation on Labelling

According to the Commission Work Plan, DG SANCO is scheduled to issue a new legislative proposal on food and drink labeling in 2007.

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