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Briefing papers/factsheets

Scottish Government's position on minimum unit pricing of alcohol (april 2013) (available in different EU languages)

Briefing paper on Alcohol Minimum Unit Pricing in Scotland (by SHAAP) (September 2012)

Briefing note on Minimum Unit Pricing in Scotland (By Alcohol Focus Scotland) (Septermber 2012)

A comparison of the effectiveness of alcohol tax increases and minimum pricing (by AFS) (November 2012)

Briefing - Reducing the affordability of alcohol (by the British Medical Association)

Myth busting on minimum pricing (by SHAAP, AFS and BMA)

Policy Briefing on Minimum price (by UK Alcohol Health Alliance)

Getting the facts right on minimum pricing (factsheet by Alcohol Action Ireland) (2012)

Analisys of the Economic Effects of Scotland's minimum pricing legislation(by Diageo) (August 2012)

Website for the facts about minimum pricing:

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