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Past Events

What is not on the bottle: Alcohol Labelling Policies to protect young people. 17 March 2011. European Parliament, Brussels

Pick up just about any beverage on store shelves and you'll find on the packaging information about the calories, ingredients... etc. Unless, that is, the beverage is alcohol. In 2011, it's inexcusable that alcohol is still the only product sold in the European Union for which you cannot tell what is inside. Do consumers deserve more information?

Furthermore, alcohol, like tobacco, is one of the leading risk factors for death and ill health in the EU, especially among young people. Should health information and warning labels be introduced on all alcoholic beverages in order to allow consumers to make more informed decisions about their drinking?

This lunch seminar will be a unique opportunity to learn more about the potential impact of alcohol labelling, its advantages and drawbacks as well as the actions which could be put in place in Europe, both at the institutional and industry levels.

If you wish to attend, please register here. For any further information, please contact Eurocare's office at or 02 736 39 76