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On May 30th STAP organises a network conference around the Eyes on Ages study together with the European Network for Alcohol Law Enforcement (ENALE). Eyes on Ages is a EC tender focussed on the age limits for selling, consuming and possessing alcohol in Europe.

An overview of the policies in all EU Member States (+ Norway and Switzerland) is created along with good practice strategies to enforce these age limits. In the conference the main results of Eyes on Ages will be presented by the researchers.

Eyes on Ages also pays attention to the available data and methods for compliance research (mystery shopping) in Europe.

Attached to the conference an evening program is organised where participants get the opportunity to get a view behind the scenes of the Dutch enforcement strategies. In small groups we will visit the city centre with Dutch law enforcement inspectors.

Target Group:
National and local policy makers, police, law enforcement
officers, politicians, researchers and health professionals.

May 30st 2013
From 10:00 till 16:00 and from 19:30 till 23:00

Amsterdam (to be confirmed)

Entrance Fee:
Day programme: 150 euro
Evening programme*: 100 euro

For other organisations
Day programme: 250 euro

Before May 1st 2013 by

*The evening programme is only for members of the target group


10.00 Registration with coffee/tea

10.30 Opening of the conference by the EC (to be confirmed)

10.45 Why legal age limits for buying alcohol matter by Professor
Peter Anderson

11.15 Introduction of the Eyes on Ages study.
PART 1: The legal age limits in Europe

11.45 Coffee/tea break

12.00 Eyes on Ages PART 2:

- Enforcement
- Compliance research
- Sanctions

13.00 Lunch Break and time for networking

14.00 Speed presentations: six good practices presented by different county experts

15.30-16.00 Closing of day programme

19.30 Opening of evening programme

19.45 Presentation of the drinking culture in Amsterdam

20.15 Visit of bars and supermarkets in Amsterdam with alcohol inspectors of the NVWA

23.00 Closure of evening programme