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Alcohol Advertising And Sponsorship In Formula One: A Dangerous Cocktail

New report presents data on the extent of alcohol advertising during the 2014 Formula One (F1) Monaco Grand Prix: Formula One alcohol sponsorship exposes audience to alcohol brands every five seconds.


No new EU Alcohol Strategy

- It is surprising and disappointing that the European Commission is not responding to the calls from the European Parliament and the Member States, comments Mariann Skar, Secretary General of Eurocare


WHO opens the doors wide to corporate influence

IBFAN Global Advocacy issued the following press release from 68th World Health Assembly, UN Palais, Geneva, focusing on the critical issue of industry involvement in WHO


Eurocare welcomes the OECD Report “Tackling Harmful Alcohol Use” and its strong alcohol policy recommendations

Landmark report from OECD on alcohol related harm launched today


Drink responsibly (but please keep drinking) - Alcohol Concern Cymru Briefing

The purpose of the study was to examine print alcohol advertisement and analysing the presence and nature of drink responsibly messages. The report was looking at both advertisement and advertorials.


European Parliament Resolution calls for new EU Alcohol Strategy

29 April, Brussels - Today, the European Parliament (EP) adopted a Resolution calling on the European Commission to present a new EU Alcohol Strategy to tackle health harm for 2016-2022.


Health Ministers agree on the need for common EU alcohol policy- details to follow?

Yesterday (21st April) The Health Ministers and Heads of Delegation discussed the need for a new policy framework for reducing alcohol-related harm.


EU needs a strategy to support Member States in reducing and preventing alcohol related harm

European Health Ministers met in Riga 20-21 April as part of the Latvian Presidency. The Health Ministers are discussing current alcohol and nutrition policies and future challenges. Eurocare has sent the following letter to all Health Ministers, urging for a strengthened focus on alcohol policies from the EU.


“Stop Out of Control Drinking” campaign fails to back new Irish minimum price plan

Irish Independent reports that the controversial campaign 'Stop Out of Control Drinking' has declined to publicly support the Government's plans to introduce minimum unit pricing (MUP) to tackle the availability of cheap alcohol.


Eurocare together with European NGOs concerned about the future of European research

Act now to ensure Juncker investment plan does not undermine vital role of research in Europe’s health and competitiveness