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The WHO welcomes move of focus from ‘death and disease’ to ‘health and well-being’

The WHO European Health Report 2015 shows that many countries, and indeed the WHO itself, have been moving their public-health focus from ‘death and disease’ to ‘health and well-being’, and that future reporting from the WHO will need to have robust representation of subjective well-being at its core.


WHO: Europe still has the highest rates of alcohol consumption in the world

Alcohol consumption, tobacco use and obesity, all major risk factors for premature mortality, remain alarmingly high in the European Region, according to the WHO European Health Report 2015.


France: Loi Evin and the social cost of alcohol

ANPAA (Association Nationale de Prévention en Alcoologie et Addictologie), and indeed Eurocare, welcome Prof. Kopp’s report, The Social Cost of Drugs in France (1).


OECD launches report on fiscal sustainability of health systems

The report shows how annual growth rate of health spending exceed GDP growth in all OECD countries


Return of the social responsibility levy for Scotland?

Off-licences dominate alcohol sales; concerns raised over Scots’ drinking patterns


Alcohol and tobacco create more public debt than revenue, new French study suggests

The idea that a government benefits financially from having the industries of alcohol and tobacco could be unfunded.


Behavioural interventions in the effort of reducing alcohol related harm

The European Commission organised a workshop on reducing harmful use of alcohol with behavioural interventions. A summary report from the workshop is now available.


EU Action on Cancer - 30 years

Eurocare congratulates the European Commission and all its partners in the celebration of 30 years of action on cancer.


UK calls on EU to support Member States in tackling alcohol harm

The UK government ‘broadly agrees’ with findings of House of Lords inquiry and calls for new EU Alcohol Strategy.


FASD Awareness Day 09.09

People all around the world gather for events to raise awareness about the dangers of drinking during pregnancy and the plight of individuals and families who struggle with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD).