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New Report Demonstrates The Effectiveness of Minimum Unit Pricing

A recent study published in the Royal College of Physicians’ journal Clinical Medicine demonstrates that minimum unit pricing is an "exquisitely targeted" policy for the most dangerous drinkers.


ECJ Considers Scotland’s Minimum Unit Pricing Legislation

Please pledge your support for Scotland's battle in Europe to implement Alcohol Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP)


UK House of Lords asks for evidence on EU’s Alcohol Strategy

The House of Lords (the second chamber of UK Parliament) is launching an inquiry into the EU’s Alcohol Strategy.


Summary published of the 14th plenary meeting of the European Alcohol and Health Forum

European Commission published full report and presentations of the latest European Alcohol and Health Forum (EAHF), which took place on the beginning of April.


More information on alcohol labels? Yes, but not in the EU

Over the years Eurocare has been advocating for better labelling across the EU, which would allow consumers make informed and healthy choices.


Register for What's not on the bottle? State of play of alcohol labelling in the EU

This event will look at the rational of alcohol labelling, the link between alcohol and healthy diet and recent developments in area of alcohol labelling.


Will TTIP stop European countries from adopting alcohol policies in the future?

Eurocare submitted its response to the European Commission consultation on the controversial ISDS mechanism in TTIP.


Lithuania tightening their drink driving regulations

On 26th June 2014 Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania adopted new amendments on Republic of Lithuania Law on Road Traffic Safety that has tightened drunk driving regulations.


EU wasting tax payers money in wine subsidies?

For years Eurocare has questioned the use of CAP money for the promotion of wine and especially funding of the Wine in Moderation and similar programmes.


Finland's planned Alcohol Act postponed indefinitely

Kristiina Hannula from EHYT ry, the Finnish Eurocare member, sees the latest development as steps in the wrong direction. “We are very disappointed on the recent decision to not finalize the started process of the alcohol act".