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Commission consults the public on tax rules for alcoholic beverages

In the context of the 'Better Regulation' agenda which aims at simplifying EU laws to reduce regulatory costs and protect consumers, the Commission is running a three-month consultation, ending on 27 November 2015, which aims at determining possible changes to the current Alcohol Excise Structures Directive.


Report from the UK reveals burden alcohol places on North East ambulance staff

Almost half of paramedics in the North East have been subjected to alcohol-fuelled threats and physical assaults whilst on duty, according to a new survey


Alcohol labels must include the indication of risk of cancer also for alcoholic beverages, says Assoutenti Italy

Italian consumer organisation sent an official notification to EFSA (European Food Safety Agency), the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Italian Ministries of Health and of Economic Development.


Does drinking guidelines communicate well?

Several European countries have official drinking guidelines to inform the consumers about harmful drinking patterns. New research from United Kingdom questions if drinking guidelines fit all drinking patterns.


Remembering Dr EVELYN GILLAN

Evelyn died on Tuesday 14th July 2015. Her death at the young age of 55 represents a great loss to family, friends and all those who worked with her.


MEPs concerned over lack of effective actions on alcohol

A group of concerned Members of European Parliament (MEPs) is alarmed by the lack of an effective and ambitious EU policy on alcohol.


NordAN Conference 2015- Alcohol, drugs and media scene

Finland this year's meeting place, has made recently a groundbreaking decision to ban alcohol advertising in social media. How is it done and what other countries could learn from this?


Majority of Brits harmed by other people's drinking

More than half of Scots and three-quarters of people from North West England are harmed by another person’s drinking, according to a new report released today.


European Commission’s public consultation on the AVMSD is now open

How can we improve the current EU rules for broadcast and on-demand audio-visual media services in the digital age? How can we best protect children and other viewers, support European creative works, stimulate our rich cultural diversity, promote access to information and regulate advertising in the audio-visual online world?


The deregulatory desires of the alcohol industry

A hidden health threat in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)