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Call to preserve the loi Evin

President Hollande told the wine world meeting in Bordeaux that the law Evin must first be preserved.


Eurocare General Assembly calls for the defence of Loi Evin

Today (10th June) Eurocare General Assembly expressed its deep concern over developments in France, with regards to loi Evin.


EuroHealthNet adds to the calls for better alcohol policy at the EU level.

EuroHealthNet, convened at the Annual Meeting of its General Council, has been alarmed to learn of the withdrawal by 20 expert bodies from the EU Alcohol Forum in protest about the continuing lack of an EU strategy to tackle alcohol harm.


NGOs resign from Alcohol and Health Forum as Commission ignores Member State and European Parliament Calls for Alcohol Strategy

Dear Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Dr. Andriukaitis,

We write to you as a group of public health organisations to express our deep concerns that there are no plans to develop a comprehensive EU Alcohol Strategy and to tender our collective resignations from the EU Alcohol and Health Forum for the following reasons:


Alcohol Advertising And Sponsorship In Formula One: A Dangerous Cocktail

New report presents data on the extent of alcohol advertising during the 2014 Formula One (F1) Monaco Grand Prix: Formula One alcohol sponsorship exposes audience to alcohol brands every five seconds.


No new EU Alcohol Strategy

- It is surprising and disappointing that the European Commission is not responding to the calls from the European Parliament and the Member States, comments Mariann Skar, Secretary General of Eurocare


WHO opens the doors wide to corporate influence

IBFAN Global Advocacy issued the following press release from 68th World Health Assembly, UN Palais, Geneva, focusing on the critical issue of industry involvement in WHO


Eurocare welcomes the OECD Report “Tackling Harmful Alcohol Use” and its strong alcohol policy recommendations

Landmark report from OECD on alcohol related harm launched today


Drink responsibly (but please keep drinking) - Alcohol Concern Cymru Briefing

The purpose of the study was to examine print alcohol advertisement and analysing the presence and nature of drink responsibly messages. The report was looking at both advertisement and advertorials.


European Parliament Resolution calls for new EU Alcohol Strategy

29 April, Brussels - Today, the European Parliament (EP) adopted a Resolution calling on the European Commission to present a new EU Alcohol Strategy to tackle health harm for 2016-2022.