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Alcohol Policy Network (APN) presenting main conclusions to the Commissioner for Health

APN met last November in Brussels, and the network is now sharing their main conclusions in a letter to the Commissioner of Health and Food Safety, Vytenis Andriukaitis.


United Nations and Road Safety - and the Alcohol Industry

Eurocare has raised its concern to Secretary General Ban Ki-moon regarding the way in which the alcohol industry is becoming increasingly engaged with the UN’s role in road injury prevention without any systematic attempt to developing appropriate safeguard policies.


Member States calling for a new EU Alcohol Strategy

The Committee on National Alcohol Policy and Action (CNAPA) is calling for a new EU Alcohol Strategy in their recently published scoping paper


Celebrating the Too Young to Drink campaign success

In September last year (2014) Eurocare joined the Too Young to Drink campaign (@TYTD2014). Today we met with the organisers to share the success story of the campaign.


Norway asks for more action on alcohol from the EU

The Norwegian Health Minister met the Commissioner for Health Monday.


Keep booze away from football matches, say doctors

Eurocare Board Member, Peter Rice, signed letter expressing disapointment over lack of involvment in debate on alcohol at football matches


Alcohol consumed in moderation good for you? Not really- study reveals

Over the years a lot of myths have been established claiming that one or two glasses of wine are good for you. This message was promoted by the alcohol industry and easily absorbed by the media. However, new study reveals that it is just plain wrong.


Consumers call for better alcohol labelling

European Consumer organization BEUC are calling for the consumer’s right to know what is in their drinks.


Norway is waiting for EU to introduce labelling of alcohol

Eurocare and Actis disappointed over the decision from the Norwegian Parliament


Plans to put existing code of conduct on sport’s sponsorship on a statutory footing weaken the new Irsish Public Health (Alcohol) Bill

Eurocare and its Irish member Alcohol Action Ireland are disapointed over the lack of commitment on regulation of sport sponsorship.