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Finland's planned Alcohol Act postponed indefinitely

Kristiina Hannula from EHYT ry, the Finnish Eurocare member, sees the latest development as steps in the wrong direction. “We are very disappointed on the recent decision to not finalize the started process of the alcohol act".


EU Strategy Framework on Health and Safety at Work

The strategy does not recognise key risk factors such as alcohol


Alcohol price levels highest in the north of Europe

Last week (19th June) Eurostat has realised the consumer price level for 2013.


What’s not on the bottle? Alcohol labels lacking behind

This month Eurocare had the pleasure to present its work and findings on the labelling of alcoholic beverages at the Kettil Bruun Society 40th Annual Meeting in Torino, Italy.


Regulation of alcohol marketing in Latvia

Eurocare supports Latvia's draft legislation on alcohol marketing


Alcohol industry versus health ministry 2:0

FIFA World Cup 2014 should not be sponsored by alcohol industry.


Eurocare Annual General Assembly 2014

On the 4th and 5th June Eurocare held its Annual General Assembly. Eurocare was delighted to host 32 members’ organisations and prominent speakers.


Belgian Eurocare member criticizes 'Alcohol Marathon'

More than 4000 students are planning on drinking nothing but alcoholic beverages for 24 hours on the 30th of June to celebrate the end of their exams.


Annual work plan 2014 for the health programme adopted

The annual work plan 2014 for the health programme was adopted on 26 May 2014, and call for proposals will soon open.


Eurocare French member ANPAA supports petition on better labeling

Petition for a simple nutrition labeling, intuitive and understandable by all on the front face of the food packaging is strongly supported by ANPAA.