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Turkish government passes legislation to ban advertising

The Turkish Parliament passed legislation on Friday to ban advertising of alcohol.


Bulgarian students win European Ad Venture competition 2013

This year Eurocare has taken part in the AdVenture competition which asked students across Europe to develop a campaign about the dangers of drinking alcohol.


Evidence confirms that urgent improvements are needed in alcohol labelling

This month the European Journal of Public Health Advance Access published an article by renowned researchers confirming the need for better labelling of alcoholic beverages.


Experts speak about the need for a renewed and strong alcohol strategy

Several experts have been interviewed during the first Alcohol Awareness week organized in Brussels


Eurocare meets EU Health Commissioner

Eurocare met with Commissioner Tonio Borg on 16 May for an exchange of views and expressed their support for renewed efforts at EU level to target alcohol problems in Europe.


Calls for a new and stronger EU Alcohol Strategy

Today representatives of the European Parliament, European Commission and WHO, along with leading academics and public health organisations, have renewed their support for strong measures to tackle alcohol problems in Europe and have called for a new and stronger EU Alcohol Strategy.


Today starts the first European Awareness Week on Alcohol Related Harm

A group of organisations have come together to raise awareness among EU policy makers of the harms caused by alcohol.


Commissioner Borg on alcohol minimum pricing 'happy to learn that litigation has failed'

On May 7, the ENVI Committee held an exchange of views as part of the structured dialogue with Commissioner Tonio Borg


Successful court judgement on Minimum Unit Pricing for alcohol in Scotland

The Court of Session, Scotland's supreme civil court, has ruled in favour of the legality of the Scottish government's plans to introduce minimum pricing per unit of alcohol.


Minimum pricing will bring “substantial health and social benefits” says new IAS report

A new report published today by IAS summarises the latest evidence on minimum pricing and rebuts some common criticisms (often from vested interest groups) of the policy.