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NordAN Conference 2015- Alcohol, drugs and media scene

Finland this year's meeting place, has made recently a groundbreaking decision to ban alcohol advertising in social media. How is it done and what other countries could learn from this?


Majority of Brits harmed by other people's drinking

More than half of Scots and three-quarters of people from North West England are harmed by another person’s drinking, according to a new report released today.


European Commission’s public consultation on the AVMSD is now open

How can we improve the current EU rules for broadcast and on-demand audio-visual media services in the digital age? How can we best protect children and other viewers, support European creative works, stimulate our rich cultural diversity, promote access to information and regulate advertising in the audio-visual online world?


The deregulatory desires of the alcohol industry

A hidden health threat in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)


We’re backing Balance’s Alcohol and Cancer campaign

On Monday June 22nd, Balance, the North East Alcohol Office, launched a four-week campaign highlighting the links between alcohol and cancer.


Vote for Too Young To Drink campaign

In September last year (2014) Eurocare joined the Too Young to Drink campaign (@TYTD2014). We are proud to announce that this campaign has been nominated in Cannes Good Ads Expo.


It is Alcohol Awareness Week in Germany

The Alcohol Awareness Week in Germany started: From 13th to 21st June 2015 over 1.200 events take place in Germany.


Call to preserve the loi Evin

President Hollande told the wine world meeting in Bordeaux that the law Evin must first be preserved.


Eurocare General Assembly calls for the defence of Loi Evin

Today (10th June) Eurocare General Assembly expressed its deep concern over developments in France, with regards to loi Evin.


EuroHealthNet adds to the calls for better alcohol policy at the EU level.

EuroHealthNet, convened at the Annual Meeting of its General Council, has been alarmed to learn of the withdrawal by 20 expert bodies from the EU Alcohol Forum in protest about the continuing lack of an EU strategy to tackle alcohol harm.