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Alcohol minimum pricing and alcohol attributable hospital admissions

A new article shows the effectivess of minimum pricing in lowering alcohol attributable hospital admissions.


World Health Authorities meet in Istanbul to discuss alcohol policy

The Turkish Green Crescent Society will hold the first symposium on alcohol policies in Turkey with the World Health Organization. Margaret Chan, will be a guest speaker.


The ‘Irresponsibility Deal’? : Public Health and Big Business

Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (SHAAP) an alliance of medical professionals hosted a conference in Edinburgh on vested commercial interests in the food, tobacco and alcohol industry.


WHO confirms that the alcohol industry has no role in the formulation of alcohol policies

More than 500 public health professionals, health scientists and NGO representatives from 60 countries have signed a joint Statement of Concern about the activities of the global alcohol producers.


Scotland responds to EC opposition to minimum pricing

The Scottish government has just released a paper setting out the case for Minimum Unit Pricing in response to the European Commission and other European countries that have questioned the compatibility of MUP with EU Law and the free movement of goods.


New Fact Sheet: Testing content restrictions in self-regulation decisions

EUCAM has published a new factsheet exposing the flaws of the advertising self-regulatory system


Irish government set to introduce a minimum price on alcohol to tackle abuse

The government is preparing measures, including setting minimum pricing, to tackle alcohol problems in Ireland.


Increase in alcohol-related cancers despite well-established link

A new report from the Alcohol Health Alliance UK (AHA) has found that hospital admissions for alcohol-related cancer in England have jumped 28% in just eight years.


Eurocare publishes second library of alcohol health warning labels

It is Eurocare’s wish that this proposal will serve as a starting point for much needed discussion around labelling of alcoholic beverages in the European Union (EU).


Alcohol charity launches

A new website to assist people seeking help and support in relation to alcohol-related issues has been launched in Ireland.