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3 steps towards healthier marketing

The current revision of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD) is the opportunity to free Europe’s children and youth from health-harmful marketing. Undersigned organisations call on Members of the European Parliament to grasp this opportunity and improve the Directive.


A call to free Europe’s youth from health-harmful marketing

Today, nearly 40 childrens’ rights, family, consumer, public health, alcohol control, and medical organisations launched a joint call to Members of the European Parliament for ambitious action to free Europe’s children, youth and parents from aggressive marketing of products harmful to health and future well-being.


France: the alcohol industry lobby against public health

Published earlier this year by Alcoologie et Addictologie, an article written by Basset and Rigaud (2016) discusses how the lobby of the alcohol industry in France is constantly attacking public health.


ESPAD Report 2015

Teenage drinking and smoking down, but concerns posed by new drugs and new addictive behaviours.


RARHA - ToolKit

The WP6 is now presenting the result of their 3 years of hard work.


4th EUFASD conference 2016

The European Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Alliance (EUFASD) gathered around 200 participants from 23 countries in London between 12 and 15 September.


New report compares alcohol problems and welcomes policy responses in Scotland and Ireland

A new report from SHAAP (Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems), Alcohol Policy in Scotland and Ireland: European Trailblazers or Celtic Fringes?, compares alcohol-related problems and welcomes innovative policy responses in Ireland and Scotland, also recognising the need to work at a pan-European level.


New WHO publication: Prevention of harm caused by alcohol exposure in pregnancy

The lifelong disabilities caused by exposure to alcohol in pregnancy (known as fetal alcohol spectrum disorders), along with other negative effects of exposure to alcohol on the pregnancy, are an important public health concern.


Too Young To Drink - supporting #FASDay

The international communication campaign to raise awareness of the risks of prenatal exposure to alcohol.


EU policy makers step up discussions to tackle alcohol related harm

Today, European policymakers will discuss the importance, relevance and implementation of policy and action to reduce alcohol related harm across Europe. They will participate in a policy dialogue in the framework of the European Joint Action on reducing alcohol related harm (RARHA).