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ETSC Road Safety Manifesto for the 2014 European Parliament Elections

ETSC has identified driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs as one of the four priority areas for action during the mandate of the next European Parliament.


Eurocare and EPHA response to misleading industry media campaign ahead of the 13th plenary meeting of the European Alcohol and Health Forum

Following the news that a number of Eurocare members and EPHA partners representing young people have withdrawn from the European Alcohol and Health Forum (EAHF) (1), a number of inaccurate claims have been made by the alcohol industry to undermine an ambitious future EU Action Plan on alcohol-related harm and NGO commitments to achieve this.


Ireland taking major steps on alcohol policies in the new Public Health Bill

Alcohol misuse in Ireland is a complex and multi-faceted problem and there is no single solution to it. While the measures put forward for inclusion in the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill are by no means the perfect plan, they are broad ranging and they are also workable and achievable. They are a good start.


Lithuania on its way to become one of the leading European countries in regulation of alcohol marketing

Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania has prepared new amendments to the Law on Alcohol Control in October, suggesting total ban of outdoor advertising as well as advertising in all media beginning on 1st of July 2015.


Minimum Unit Price making its way to Estonia?

Estonia, one of the smallest countries in EU and with one of the highest alcohol consumption rates, is one of the few countries without any alcohol strategy. Now, how awful did that sentence just sounded?!


Eyes on Ages - new report on alcohol and age limit

New European overview shows that alcohol age limit of 18 is widely accepted, but lacks compliance in many countries


Eurocare members leaving the Alcohol and Health Forum

Several of Eurocare members have left the European Alcohol and Health Forum (EAHF) last week. The NGOs have been disillusioned with the EAHF ability to provide effective and efficient changes to reduce alcohol related harm across the EU.


High hopes for future alcohol policy in the EU

European Alcohol Policy Alliance warmly welcomes the proposed Action Plan from the European Commission.


Eurocare comments on engagement with non state actors

Eurocare has submitted its comments to the informal consultation on WHO's engagement with non-State actors.


Revolving doors and alcohol policy: a cautionary tale

The latest high profile case of the revolving door in the UK raises issues about the ability of civil servants to properly do their jobs and pursue the public interest.