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Icelandic policy on alcohol and drug prevention, 2020

Eurocare congratulates the Icelandic government with it's new policy on alcohol and drugs.


Under the influence: Scotland’s battle over alcohol pricing

This week the alcohol industry heads back to court in its latest attempt to overturn the introduction of minimum pricing in Scotland. Jonathan Gornall investigates how it has tried to influence opinion.


Alcohol and Cancer- the forgotten link

The World Health Organisation has warned about the growing burden of cancer at an alarming pace and emphasised the urgent implementation of efficient prevention strategies.

The often forgotten link in the prevention efforts is the one between alcohol and cancer. There is no level of consumption that is safe as far as cancer is concerned.


EU legislation needed on drink-driving

- The EU must recognise the role it needs to play in tackling drink-driving, says ETSC's Executive Director Antonio Avenoso.


RAHRA Kick - Off Meeting 31th January 2014, Lisbon

Eurocare is a proud partner of RARHA (Joint Action on Reducing Alcohol Related Harm), which has its kick-off meeting in Lisbon today. RARHA brings together 60 partners including 27 EU Member States in the work to reduce alcohol related harm.


2014: a year for alcohol action

New year greetings from Eurocare president, Tiziana Codenotti, who gives a brief overview of the developments in 2014:


Strong evidence for public health benefits with taxes on alcohol

OECD released a new Health Working Paper on fiscal policies in December 2013, which concludes that the arguments in support of taxes being used to attain public health objectives are strong for tobacco products and alcoholic beverages.


The UK government's shameful dumping its alcohol strategy

Dr Nick Sheron writes about the reversal of the UK alcohol policy and minimum unit price (MUP), he explains that MUP only affects the cheapest booze it is exquisitely targeted at problem drinkers. In fact it is the type of policy that the drinks industry claim to have wanted for years, and it is phenomenally successful.


Eurocare response to the European Commission proposed structure for the EU Alcohol Action Plan

Earlier this week Eurocare has responded to the European Commission proposed structure for the EU Alcohol Action Plan.


EU action plan 'ignores' decades of scientific advancement in alcohol policy

The EU alcohol and health forum risks being ineffective by using a one-size-fits-all approach, writes Michel Craplet in the Parliament Magazine