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Interview with Aurelijus Veryga about an alcohol ad ban in Lithuania

By Lauri Beekmann

In 2012 Lithuania was supposed to ban all alcohol advertising. With this it would become the first EU country to have a total ban on alcohol advertising. With 2012 approaching different stakeholders are getting more active to reverse this decision. Aurelijus Veryga, President of the Lithuanian National Tobacco and Alcohol Control Coalition, explains what this small Baltic country is going through.


Eurocare Annual General Assembly (24th- 25th May, Brussels): New president and Board

After 21 years of valuable service to Eurocare, Dr. Michel Craplet from ANPAA resigned from his post as Chairman of the organization.

The former vice Chairman of Eurocare, Ms. Tiziana Codenotti was elected to be the new president.


Alcohol and cancer- the forgotten link

Cancer is the second most common cause of death in Europe, nearly around 2.5 million EU citizens are diagnosed with cancer yearly. As many as 30% of cancers can be prevented if we make healthier choices.


The Swedish people want to stop alcohol advertising

Source: IOGT-NTO

A new survey shows that 8 out of 10 Swedes support the Swedish ban on televised alcohol advertisement.


Standardised Responsible Serving of Alcohol programmes needed without delay

Source: Alcohol Action Ireland

Alcohol Action Ireland, the national charity for alcohol-related issues, says training in responsible selling and serving of alcohol needs to be made mandatory for all staff and licence holders who serve alcohol without delay.


Experts agree on new European action plan on alcohol

Zurich, 6 May 2011. WHO/Europe organized a meeting of national experts on alcohol policy in Zurich, Switzerland on 4–5 May 2011 to discuss the draft European alcohol action plan.


WHO: Addressing the challenge of noncommunicable diseases

Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) - cardiovascular diseases, cancers, chronic lung diseases and diabetes - kill 3 out of 5 people on the planet, this is over 36 million annually. Alcohol is the second leading cause of NCDs, next to tobacco, poor diet and physical inactivity


Summary report of the 7th Meeting of the Science Group of the Alcohol and Health Forum

28 April 2011. Please click here to access the summary report of the 7th Meeting of the Science Group of the European Alcohol and Health Forum that took place in Brussels on 25 October 2011 .


European Parliament discusses the EU budget - worrying developments for health

Source: EPHA

The European Parliament rapporteur on the EU Budget recently released his draft report on the future EU Budget. Health and civil society are not mentioned in the report.


Beer Is Alcohol, Russia Finally Says

Source: Drug

9 March 2011. The Russian parliament has moved to legally classify beer as alcohol for the first time, the Telegraph reported Feb. 23. It is currently classified as food.