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Self-regulation is not an answer

Policy makers must not rely on self-regulation, but rather follow up through more statutory measures to protect the consumers.


European alcohol industry fails in protecting young people towards alcohol marketing

The final report from the Alcohol Marketing Monitoring in Europe (AMMIE) project is released today. The conclusion brings important input to the discussion on self-regulation and alcohol marketing, and the research shows that the functioning of the so called self regulation of alcohol marketing does not protect young people against the exposure of alcohol commercials.


What's not on the bottle? Brief overview of state of play in alcohol labelling

Eurocare has developed an update of overview of labeling initiatives, which was first compiled in 2009. We hope that this material will be useful for further discussions on the subject of alcohol labeling. Providing full information about the product should be an obligation to ensure consumer rights are respected by alcohol producers.


Eurocare Secretariat in new offices

Eurocare welcomes you to our new offices.


WHO Europe with new report on “Alcohol in the European Union”

“The take home message from this new report is that the alcohol-related burden on health in Europe is avoidable “, says Zsuzsanna Jakab, WHO Regional Director for Europe


Eurocare welcomes minimum pricing on alcohol beverages in England

“England shows willingness to address the harm caused by alcohol, and should be seen as an example for other Members States as well as the European Commission”, says Mariann Skar, Secretary General in Eurocare.


Changes of Nordic alcohol sales the last 20 years

The Nordic countries are reducing the gap between the countries’ alcohol sales


EU treading water on alcohol labelling for more than 30 years now

Last year we have witnessed a bitter reminder of the influence of the alcohol industry over the European decision and policy makers.


Alcohol consumption in movies affect young people’s drinking behaviour

New research published in Pediatrics gives us new knowledge and important insight on the link between alcohol exposure in movies and alcohol use in Europe


Finland next to adopt Loi Evin?

The Finnish Minister of Health and Social Services, Maria Guzenina-Richardson, has put forward plans to restrict alcohol marketing.