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Call 2010: New funding opportunities in health.

A call for applications ‘Health — 2010' has been launched within the framework of the second programme of Community action in the field of health (2008-2013).


Alcohol, Social Development and Infectious Disease- New report

During the Global Expert Meeting on Alcohol, a groundbreaking new study made its way to the stage. "Alcohol, Social Development and Infectious Disease”, as the study is called, links alcohol consumption, especially heavy drinking, to the risk of getting infectious diseases such as TB and pneumonia. Furthermore, it shows that alcohol consumption has an influence on the progression of TB and HIV in already infected persons, and impairs the use of preventive services by such persons.


Call for Best practices on preventing the harmful use of alcohol in older people

The Vintage Project is looking to collect best practices on preventing the harmful use of alcohol. If you or anyone you know would like to help us by filling out and submitting the questionnaire at the bottom of the article, it would be highly appreciated.


Alcohol industry's attempts to take control over alcohol policy formulation in Sub-Saharan countries

Source: Forut

A recent comparison of proposed national alcohol policies in Lesotho, Malawi, Uganda, and Botswana shows that the alcohol industry has assumed a significant and detrimental role in designing national alcohol policies in Sub-Saharan Africa. The policy drafts point to the alcohol industry's preferred version of a national alcohol policy, which includes letting the industry regulate its own marketing activities.


Council in favour of exempting alcoholic beverages from providing information on the labels

The Commission's proposal exempts a number of alcoholic beverages from the obligation of indicating the ingredients and the nutrients, subject to a report which the Commission will have to draw up five years after the entry into force of the Regulation.

The majority of Member States supports this approach but proposed to complete the list proposed by the Commission with additional alcoholic beverages.


Call for written evidence on the Alcohol ETC. (Scotland) Bill

The Scottish Parliament's Health and Sport Committee launched a call for written evidence from all interested parties on the general principles of the Alcohol etc. (Scotland) Bill on Thursday 26 November 2009.


EC DG SANCO; New complete project database on Health Programmes

10 December 2009. Click here to access the new complete project database on Health Programmes.


Council invites Member States and Commission to keep alcohol high on the agenda

1 December 2009. The Council of the EU adopted today its Conclusions on Alcohol and Health


Commission's President unveils his new team

27 November 2009. The President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, has announced the portfolios responsibilities for the next Commission.