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Health at a Glance: Europe 2010

This special edition of Health at a Glance focuses on health issues across the 27 European Union member states, three European Free Trade Association countries (Iceland, Norway and Switzerland) and Turkey.


US - Alcoholic energy drinks will soon be off store shelves in the States

On Wednesday, November 17, 2010, officials from the Federal Drug Admininstation, the Federal Trade Commission and the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau took unprecedented action by notifying four producers of alcoholic energy drinks that their products were adulterated and constituted a "public health concern".


The Portman Group asks consumers to be on the lookout for irresponsible alcohol marketing

The industry funded Portman Group has launched a media campaign to encourage customers to alert them to irresponsible drinks marketing.


WHO recommends increasing taxes on tobacco and alcohol

On November 22, 2010 the World Health Organization (WHO) released its annual Health report on financing health systems and universal coverage. The report recommends governments to raise the taxes on tobacco and alcohol to help pay for healthcare of millions of people who are unable to afford it worldwide.


3rd Open Alcohol and Health Forum

In November the European Alcohol Health Forum (EAHF) held its 7th Plenary meeting and 3rd Open Forum. These meetings marked the begining of a new era under the auspices of new Director General of DG SANCO, Ms Paola Testori Coggi.


Alcohol industry called upon to take more effective action!

Brussels, 17 November 2010. Ahead of the next Alcohol and Health Forum meetings, public health experts and NGOs in the Forum have issued an Open Letter to its members calling upon the alcohol industry to take responsibility for their share of the problems caused by their products in Europe.


Scotland: Minimum pricing did not survive the last parliamentary vote

Plans to introduce a minimum price for alcohol have been finally killed off by the Scottish Parliament as MSPs passed legislation aimed at tackling the country's binge drinking epidemic.


7th meeting of the Committee on National Alcohol Policy and Action Luxembourg, 14-15 September 2010

Now available online the summary report and presentations from the 7th meeting of the Committee on National Alcohol Policy and Action.


Showing support for Thailand's health warnings initiative

Eurocare has issued an open letter of support for the Thai government for its plans to introduce alcohol health warnings labels on packages of alcoholic beverages.


Shocking declarations by the European Council president in defense of the beer industry

Brussels, 13 October 2010. European council president Herman Van Rompuy, was the keynote speaker at an event organised by the Brewers of Europe “ Beer Serves Europe. Economic contribution – Community Involvement – Responsibility”