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Study exposes young people's lack of knowledge about the long-term consequences of alcohol consumption

Harmful alcohol use is common amongst younger people: One third of European people aged 15-24 years binge drink (5+ drinks on one occasion) at least once a week during the previous 12 months and over 18% of EU 15-16 year olds have binged three times or more in the last month (Eurobarometer 2009).


Conflict over liquor sachets in Malawi

Source: Alcohol, Drugs and Development

A few years ago a variety of small plastic sachets with 40 % spirits were introduced to the markets place in a number of African countries. Now problems have become very visible from the sale and use of such alcoholic beverages, in particular among the youth and the poor. This has resulted in public outcry and political discussions in an attempt to do something to the problem.


WHO-Europe: Countries contribute to action plan for noncommunicable diseases

24 March 2011. Health professionals are accustomed to working with the sick. But to reduce the main killers in the European Region, noncommunicable diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer, the health sector needs to change the behaviour of those who are still well. Representatives of 36 countries in the WHO European Region met in Copenhagen on 18–19 March 2011 to set a five-year course for effective action to tackle noncommunicable diseases (NCDs).


WHO and the European Commission agree future common action in key areas

Senior officials and technical experts from WHO and the European Commission met to outline and agree how the two partnering organizations will work more closely together in priority areas of shared interests.


WHO - Consultation on action plan for non communicable diseases

The WHO has launched a consultation aiming to bring together national focal points from European Member States and other stakeholders to develop a five-year operational plan for implementation of the European Strategy for the Prevention and Control of non-communicable diseases.


IE: Irish government is considering to include Health warnings on bottles and promotional materials

The Irish Government is preparing legislation that could require alcohol producers to print health messages about the dangers of alcohol use on bottles, cans and all promotional material.


ETSC: 13th Drink Driving Monitor

5 April 2011. The European Transport Safety Council has published its 13th Drink Driving Monitor. The document brings news from across the EU on steps to further improve drink driving legislation and enforcement.


A small scandal, a major problem- alcohol and sports don't belong together

Source: Active

Friday night, 1st April, in St. Pauli district, Hamburg a football match of the highest German league (Bundesliga) was abandoned. The reason: the assistant referee was hit in the back of his head by a plastic cup full of beer thrown at him from the stands. The match had to be broken off and the referees had to be guided from the pitch by guards.


8th plenary meeting of the European Alcohol and Health Forum, 8 April 2011, Brussels

The plenary of the European Alcohol and Health Forum met for the 8th time in Brussels last 8 April.


Alcohol on the EU's political agenda: getting off the policy roller-coaster

SIRUS, The Norwegian Institute for Alcohol and Drug Research, has published a report entitled
Alcohol on the European Union's Political Agenda: Getting Off the Policy Roller-Coaster?