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Eurocare's response to WHO consultation on NCDs Zero Draft Global Action Plan

Eurocare has once again highlighted the need for 10% reduction in per capita alcohol consumption to be included as a global target to tackle NCDs.


Register now to attend the 4th Open Alcohol and Health Forum

The 4th Open Alcohol and Health Forum will take place in Brussels on the 23 of November. Registration is now open.


The battle over the introduction of minimum pricing in Scotland continues

European Commission has expressed concerns and a number of EU Member States have raised objections


Minimum pricing a promising strategy to reduce alcohol harm, study from Canada

New study confirms the impacts on alcohol consumption of minimum alcohol prices in a province of Canada.


Commissioner John Dalli resigns over corruption allegations

EU Health Commissioner John Dalli has resigned as a member of the Commission following an investigation by the EU antifraud agency, OLAF.


Alcohol policy in Europe, evidence from the AMPHORA Project

The AMPHORA Project (Alcohol Public Health Research Alliance) has just released the an ebook summarising the science and findings the project.


The Spanish Government gives in to pressures from the beer industry

The Spanish government takes a big step backwards in the protection of public health and proposes to allow all outdoor advertising of beverages under 20% ABV.


Latest drink driving policy developments in Europe

Scotland and Northern Ireland to lower BAC, stronger sanctions for drink drivers in Italy, UK and Spain latest data on alcohol related road collisions


Italy and Bulgaria first to complain against alcohol minimum pricing

Several countries have now have lodged its objections to the minimum pricing of alcohol proposed by the UK earlier this year.