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Court of Justice upheld European Commission’s fines for Heineken in cartel activities

In its ruling Court of Justice of the European Union has maintained the fines of €198 million and of €20.71 million for Heineken and Bavaria NV for their involvement in a cartel on the Dutch beer market.


NEW DATABASE: Alcohol policy regulations in Europe

The Ministry of Health in Switzerland has developed a new database of alcohol policy regulations around Europe.


Health Programme: Call for proposals 2013

The Executive Agency for Health and Consumers (EAHC) has launched the calls for proposals for joint actions, operating grants, projects and conferences.


European Alcohol and Health Forum – Flash report and presentations available

The Commission has published a flash report of the Forum meetings held 2 weeks ago in Brussels.


New trend report: High-strength beer in Europe (EUCAM)

High alcohol content beer is prevalent throughout Europe. It is also relatively inexpensive and often packaged in ‘super-sized’ containers.


EMCDDA report reveals risks driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol and medicines

New report from the EU drugs agency describes the effects of the use of illicit drugs and psychoactive medicines amongst drivers, particularly when combined with alcohol.


Fourth Monitoring Progress Report of the European Alcohol and Health Forum

Follow the link to access the Fourth Monitoring Progress Report of the European Alcohol and Health Forum.


Member States ask for a new EU Alcohol Strategy

In the Council of the European Union (Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs) Conclusions Member States have asked European Commission for new EU Alcohol Strategy.


French beer tax- a step in the right direction

The French government has increased tax on beer by 160%, which is a step in a right direction that will help to address alcohol related harm and improve public budget.


Sweden calls for an end to alcohol advertising on national television

Sweden has asked the UK to stop alcohol advertising in broadcasts to Sweden on the basis of the EU's Audiovisual Media Services Directive..