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EUROCARE member challenges Carlsberg over the promotion of alcohol in Denmark

The Danish football club, FC København (FCK), is being accused of marketing Carlsberg to Danish schools as part of their 2012 school tour.


Alcohol Industry v Health Ministry 1:0

Sport is not an arena for alcohol promotion


Football strongly associated with alcohol

European research institutes plea for a ban on sport sponsorship by the alcohol industry. Results from the project Alcohol Marketing Monitoring in Europe (AMMIE) stress the need to implement a ban on sport sponsorship of alcohol brands in Europe.


European School Survey on Substance Use

The main purpose of the European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs (ESPAD) is to collect comparable data on substance use among 15 to 16 year old European students.


Study on the affordability of alcoholic beverages in the EU

The European Commission DG SANCO has published a study on the affordability of alcoholic beverages in the EU, with a focus on excise duty pass-through, on- and off-trade sales, price promotions and pricing regulations.


ALICE RAP Policy Brief on alcohol: ‘Alcohol – the neglected addiction’

The ALICE RAP Policy Brief 1 – ‘Alcohol – the neglected addiction’ aims to provide a succinct overview on the scientific evidence for decision-makers and advocates working on creating effective alcohol policy.


Norwegian research shows high level of serving alcohol to inebriated customers

Eighty-three attempts to buy alcohol (93 %) were successful, and only six attempts (7 %) were refused.


Scottish minimum price at 50p per unit

The preferred minimum price for alcohol will be 50p per unit, it was announced today by the Scottish Government.


Finland takes important steps to restrict alcohol marketing

Finland stands out as an important example for the other EU Member States” says Mariann Skar, Secretary General in European Alcohol Policy Alliance (Eurocare)


Report from the Chair of the European Alcohol and Health Forum

Source: European Commission

The 10th Plenary meeting of the European Alcohol and Health Forum (EAHF) took place on 26 April 2012 in Brussels. The topic of the forum was responsible marketing.