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ECJ Judgement:: Legislation fixing minimum retail prices for cigarettes infringes EU law

On the 4th of March 2010 the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled against the legislation in France, Austria and Ireland fixing minimum retail prices for cigarettes. In the Court's opinion Public health objectives can be attained by an increase in excise duty.


Eurocare welcomes John Dalli as Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy

Eurocare would like to congratulate and welcome John Dalli as the new Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy.


The Cost of Alcohol: Passive drinking seminar 02.02.2010

Over 120 people attended the Lunch Seminar organised by Eurocare in the European Parliament to discuss the harm to others as "The Cost of Alcohol: Passive drinking" on Tuesday 2nd February 2010.



In a report published on 8 January 2010, the Health Committee of the UK Parliament warns that the drinks industry and supermarkets hold more power over government alcohol policies than expert health professionals.


ICAP Periodic Review on Drinking and Culture

ICAP (The International Centre for Alcohol Policies) has published a new issue of the ICAP Periodic Review on Drinking and Culture. This issue presents abstracts of journal articles published between 2008 and 2009 and covers 9 central, eastern, and southern European countries and 8 languages.


ETSC publishes New report on Drink driving in commercial transport

The European Transport Safety Council published today a new report on Drink driving in commercial transport. Please click here to access it.


2009 excise duty tables - alcohol, energy products and tobacco

The 2009 excise duty tables concerning tax receipts from alcoholic beverages in EU Member States are now available from DG TAXUD website here


Call 2010: New funding opportunities in health.

A call for applications ‘Health — 2010' has been launched within the framework of the second programme of Community action in the field of health (2008-2013).


Alcohol, Social Development and Infectious Disease- New report

During the Global Expert Meeting on Alcohol, a groundbreaking new study made its way to the stage. "Alcohol, Social Development and Infectious Disease”, as the study is called, links alcohol consumption, especially heavy drinking, to the risk of getting infectious diseases such as TB and pneumonia. Furthermore, it shows that alcohol consumption has an influence on the progression of TB and HIV in already infected persons, and impairs the use of preventive services by such persons.