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Strong evidence for public health benefits with taxes on alcohol

OECD released a new Health Working Paper on fiscal policies in December 2013, which concludes that the arguments in support of taxes being used to attain public health objectives are strong for tobacco products and alcoholic beverages.


The UK government's shameful dumping its alcohol strategy

Dr Nick Sheron writes about the reversal of the UK alcohol policy and minimum unit price (MUP), he explains that MUP only affects the cheapest booze it is exquisitely targeted at problem drinkers. In fact it is the type of policy that the drinks industry claim to have wanted for years, and it is phenomenally successful.


Eurocare response to the European Commission proposed structure for the EU Alcohol Action Plan

Earlier this week Eurocare has responded to the European Commission proposed structure for the EU Alcohol Action Plan.


EU action plan 'ignores' decades of scientific advancement in alcohol policy

The EU alcohol and health forum risks being ineffective by using a one-size-fits-all approach, writes Michel Craplet in the Parliament Magazine


When do you break the marketing code of alcohol? What is social success?

Diageo is this week launching a new UK TV ad for its Guiness brand as part of its 'Made of More' campaign. The ad, which had its premiere on 15th January, features 'Sapeurs from Brazzaville, the capital of the Republic of Congo.


BMJ investigation reveals “cosy relationship” between the alcohol industry and the British government

Documents show 130 meetings with Department of Health alone and suggest minimum pricing consultation was a sham


European Workplace and Alcohol - EWA

EWA Toolkit and EWA Policy Recommendations are now available


New regulation of marketing in Finland

Eurocare congratulates the Finnish Parliament with a new regulation on marketing which includes social media


Report shows support for minimum alcohol pricing in the UK

Eurocare member- the Institute of Alcohol Studies (IAS) has published an analysis of submissions to the Home Office consultation on minimum pricing that indicates public support for the policy was greater than previously thought.


European alcohol strategy is still valid

We are fighting for documents. Alcohol policy documents that should become a basis for real life alcohol policies that will regulate the way alcohol is produced, sold and marketed. Also the way people should behave and act when it comes to drinking.