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Scottish medical professions welcome European Court of Justice’s judgement in favour of Scotland’s alcohol minimum unit pricing (MUP) policy

Scottish health professionals have welcomed today’s judgement of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) that Scotland’s Alcohol Minimum Unit Price (MUP) legislation does not per se contravene European law.


Joint Open Letter: Congratulating Irish Health Minister on Public Health Alcohol Bill

Open letter to Mr. L. Varadkar, Minister for Health of the Republic of Ireland, to congratulate on the publication of the “Public Health Alcohol Bill”


Belgium announces lower drink drive limit for young drivers, alcohol interlocks on buses

Source: European Transport Safety Council

The Belgian government is to follow France with the introduction of a 0.2 g/l blood alcohol limit for young and novice drivers as well requiring alcohol interlocks for vehicles used in public transport.


France: wine-drinking advertising campaign may have misquoted public-health advice

Source: HAS

Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS)[1] commented on the guidelines for consumption used by Vin et Societé in an advertising campaign currently being widely broadcasted through the media in France. HAS had published in 2014 a tool to help to identify risky consumption of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs for health professionals. The drinking limits which had been listed by HAS in the document in question, were mentioned in the context of required medical response to be triggered. It had not been meant at all that, below the thresholds mentioned, consumption would be considered normal, recommended or risk free.


Inequalities in alcohol-related mortality in 17 European countries

A team of researchers analysed death registers to find out whether the magnitude of socioeconomic inequalities in alcohol-related mortality differs among European countries and whether these inequalities have changed over time.


Minimum Unit Alcohol Pricing

Copy of a letter from Dr Peter Rice to the



The story of the implementation of Minimum Unit Price for alcohol is a lengthy one and few of your readers will have set aside the time to read the 33 pages of the ECJ Advocate General’s opinion on the MUP legislation passed by the Scottish Parliament in May 2012.


WHO Invitation to the Global Virtual Discussion Forum

WHO GCM/NCD Dialogues are a part of efforts to advocate for and raise awareness of the urgency of implementing the Global Action Plan for the prevention and control of Noncommunicable diseases, 2013-2020.


Eurocare Welcome Council Conclusions “An EU Strategy on the reduction of alcohol related harm”

Eurocare welcomes the Council’s call for an EU Alcohol Strategy 2016-2022 on the 7thDecember 2015. “Prevention of alcohol related harm is a smart investment for the economy as it costs Europe 2-3% of GDP, it cuts long-term healthcare expenditures and at the same time raises workforce productivity,” says Mariann Skar, Secretary General of Eurocare. “The Commission now needs to respond as both the Council and the Parliament are calling for a new EU Alcohol Strategy. The lack of a Strategy is currently undermining Europe’s efforts for jobs and growth“.


NEW report: LGBT people's drinking in Scotland

SHAAP is pleased to announce the publication of new research into LGBT people's drinking in Scotland. The research was undertaken by researchers from Glasgow Caledonian University and examined how LGBT people experience and understand alcohol consumption in Scotland, as well as analysing their views on stereotypes around LGBT drinking, their perceptions of alcohol advice and services, and barriers which may exist for LGBT groups.


Council Register paper- An EU strategy on the reduction of alcohol related harm

Please click here to access a note from the Working Party on Public Health on the adoption of the Draft Council Conclusions on "An EU strategy on the reduction of alcohol related harm" by the Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council meeting on 7 December 2015.