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The 2015 Awareness Week on Alcohol Related Harm

The 2015 Awareness Week on Alcohol Related Harm aims to galvanize EU and national policy makers into action to address alcohol related harm in Europe.


UK Government's alcohol policies weaker than devolved nations

Source: Institute of alcohol Studies (IAS)

The UK Government’s alcohol policies are weaker than those implemented by the devolved nations, a landmark report from the Universities of Stirling and Sheffield has found.


Lithuania: Alcohol-free petrol stations from 1st January

Lithuania's Parliament on Tuesday (November 10th) rejected a proposal to extend the permit to sell alcoholic beverages in petrol stations until 2019.


IAS report slams UK Responsibility Deal alcohol pledges

A new report from the Institute of Alcohol Studies (IAS), member of Eurocare, condemns the UK Public Health Responsibility Deal for Alcohol, suggesting it has “worsened the health of the nation”.


Call for Proposal from CHAFEA

Consumer, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (CHAFEA) have launched a call for proposals for projects regarding 'Support Member States under particular migratory pressure in their response to health related challenges'.

Deadline: 12 November 2015

Please find all details through this link.


Alcohol marketing and youth alcohol consumption – a study from the United States

New research published in the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse suggests that, at least among underage drinkers, advertising is influencing brand choice, a significant aspect of drinking behaviours.


Estonia: a new bill on alcohol ads and happy hours

Source: Estonian Public Broadcasting

The Ministry of Social Affairs introduced a new bill on Monday that would set tougher regulations on alcohol ads and turn flashy commercials into concise notices. The bill will also limit the sale of alcohol in gas stations and ban happy hour offers.


Drink-driving behaviour – a new study from Belgium

Researchers from the Belgian Road Safety Institute have published a study looking into the impact of alcohol checks and social norm on drink-driving. They analysed information which had been self-reported by 12,507 drivers from 19 European countries, in the context of a SARTRE-4 survey 1.


Majority of UK emergency service staff suffer alcohol fuelled abuse

A new report from the Institute of Alcohol Studies, Alcohol’s Impact on Emergency Services, reveals the full extent of the toll alcohol takes on emergency services in England.


UK: new research on the progress of health-information labelling on alcohol products

Through the journal Addiction, researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine have recently published a report[1] which analyses the progress of health-labelling information on alcohol products in the UK.