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4th EUFASD conference 2016

The European Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Alliance (EUFASD) gathered around 200 participants from 23 countries in London between 12 and 15 September.

The conference brought together academics, educators, NGOs, legislators, politicians, criminal justice system representatives and birth and adoptive families alongside individuals who themselves have FASD. The moto being to share learning which will help promote the understanding of this disorder in Europe and internationally.

The conference covered a wide range of topics including prevention, social determinants, diagnosis, epigenetic, psychological profiles, behavioural management, education, prevalence, family support, criminal justice system difficulties, social care needs, practical management, pharmacology and other cutting-edge research that may be submitted or invited. Raja Mukherjee was the Conference Chairman.

Eurocare was present and gave an update on preventing alcohol related harm to the unborn child at EU level.


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