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7th European Alcohol Policy Conference (7EAPC): outcome documentation now available

With the theme ‘Alcohol Policy for Sustainable Development’, the 7EAPC took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 22 and 23 November. The 7EAPC was hosted by the Ministry of Health in Slovenia and co-organised by Eurocare, the European Alcohol Policy Alliance, with support from the Government of Slovenia, the World Health Organization - Regional Office for Europe, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation as well as Norway Grants.

The organisers were delighted to receive the Health Ministers for Slovenia and Luxembourg. Exclusive video messages were received from the First Minister of Scotland and the Health Minister for Ireland. The organisers were also pleased with the presence of high-level officials from most European countries, the World Health Organisation and the European Commission, who shared their knowledge and experience. It was also a great pleasure to receive top scientists, public health professionals and civil society representatives from around the world.

Participants raised awareness about the current burden of alcohol in Europe and the multiple health and social problems it creates and explored ways in which cost-effective alcohol policies can contribute to the creation of sustainable health system savings. In addition, the participants considered the synergies between the current works undertaken by both the European Commission and the World Health Organization with regards to chronic diseases and alcohol policy.

As a celebration of its 30 years of work towards preventing and reducing alcohol harm in Europe, the European Alcohol Policy Alliance (Eurocare) announced the winner of the first edition of the European Award for Reducing Alcohol Harm (EARAH 2016). The award was delivered to the Government of Scotland.

The organisers hope that the Conference has contributed to strengthen networks, built capacity and stimulated action to prevent and reduce alcohol-related problems at all levels. The next Conference will be held in Edinburgh in 2018.

You can access the Conference report, Conference declaration, presentations (including Dr Horowitz's) unofficial notes, through this link: