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Alcohol industry versus health ministry 2:0

FIFA World Cup 2014 should not be sponsored by alcohol industry.

Alcohol producers were one of the big sponsors of the UEFA Euro 2012 in Poland, two years ago, and Eurocare urged policy makers and UEFA to change their attitudes to sponsorships from the alcohol industry. Not much has changed, and for the World Cup 2014, the Brazilian government had to abandon its ban on alcohol in sport stadiums, originally introduced by the Brazilian government as a consequence after violence at football matches[i]. Today (12 June 2014), at the opening of the World Cup, alcohol producers are clearly visible as sponsor for the World Cup 2014 (see picture as an example).

Mariann Skar, the Secretary General of Eurocare, is disappointed and says: “Football should not be a branding and marketing exercise, but about the joy of football and competition. FIFA’s medical vision is “to improve everyone’s health through football and science[ii], and if they really want to achieve this, they should look into who they have as sponsors. Alcohol producers should not be a partner for a sport arrangement, and the marketing techniques must be regulated. A good example of this is France, where alcohol sport sponsorship is banned”.