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New regulation of marketing in Finland

Eurocare congratulates the Finnish Parliament with a new regulation on marketing which includes social media

The Parliament of Finland has decided on new restrictions regarding the law on alcohol advertising.

The Parliament voted on Dec 11 to ban outdoor advertising (excluding sporting and cultural events) and advertising on TV and radio between 7 am and 10 pm. Also restrictions for alcohol marketing in social media based on contents produced or shared by consumers themselves or games, raffles or contests will be implemented by this legislation[1]. The decision excluded the ban of aspirational alcohol advertising.

Mariann Skar, Secretary General of Eurocare, welcomes the new regulation and especially the initiative to regulate social media. “Finland is addressing a crucial issue when looking at regulating alcohol marketing, and the initiative to regulate social media should be taken as an encouragement to other Member States to follow up”, Skar comments.

Although the law is a good step forward, the end result was a disappointment for the organisations working for health and substance abuse prevention. The organisations, coordinated by the Finnish Eurocare member EHYT (Finnish Association for Substance Abuse Prevention) wanted the law to ban all aspirational advertising, which is proven to increase the consumption of alcohol among youth.

[1] All advertising and sales promotion activities of alcoholic beverages (>1,2 %) are prohibited

- if they involve taking part in a game, lottery or contest, or

- if they involve in an information networking service, which is managed by a commercial actor, any textual or visual content produced by consumers or any such content or content produced by such actor, which is intended to be shared by consumers.