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Brewers of Europe put SR case to EU Health Commissioner

Brussels, 3 July 2009. Representatives of the European beer industry met with Health Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou in an attempt to make a case for voluntary commitments and self-regulation.

The meeting comprised president of The Brewers of Europe association, Alberto da Ponte, also CEO of Portugal's Central de Cervejas and Jean-Fran├žois van Boxmeer, member of The Brewers of Europe's board and CEO of Heineken.

Among the issues discussed were The Brewers of Europe's role in the EU Alcohol and Health Forum and it also put forward the case for a balanced approach to the problem and why targeted policies would be preferable over further population-wide actions.

"Our message is clear: self-regulation works and one only has to look at the guarantees and systems being put in place across the EU, to ensure that it is properly enforced, for evidence of this. Responsible beer marketing forms part of our members' sustainable beer business and brewers are 100% committed to ensuring that we abide by this approach."