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Call for Participation of International Non-Profit Organisations

Alcohol Awareness Week in Germany “Alcohol? Less is better!”

13th - 21st May 2017

The German Centre for Addiction Issues (DHS) organizes the Alcohol Awareness Week in Germany “Alcohol? Less is better” from 13th -21st May 2017. International non-profit organizations are invited to participate – as collaborating partners or by giving input of national experiences. All ideas are most welcome!

The Alcohol Awareness Week in Germany is held from 13th to 21st May 2017. Since 2007, it is carried out every two years. The campaign is aimed for encouraging everybody who drinks alcohol – about 90 percent of the German adult population – to reflect on their drinking habits and to raise the awareness of the risks of alcohol consumption. The central message is according to the WHO: “Alcohol? Less is better!” On local level, events are organized. Thousands of professional employees of the addiction aid, volunteers of the self-help or occupational health experts give new impulses for discussions, information and awareness raising in several different settings, like pedestrian zones, hospitals, workplaces, doctor´s office, pharmacies, churches to name a few. It is the aim to raise awareness in personal contact with the population.

The German Centre for Addiction Issues (DHS) (an umbrella organization and a common platform for all German charitable associations in the field of addiction counseling, treatment and self-help) supports the local organizers and provides the website, several brochures, posters and other materials for their events ( Professionals and volunteers are free in shaping their own actions. In 2015, about 1.200 activities all over Germany were organized. It is expected to exceed this number of events.

On the website we present examples of what people could do, and give information about alcohol. Another platform for the organizers to keep in touch and get new information about the awareness week and other news about alcohol is over the social network Facebook (

Partners and financial supporters are the German statutory pensions insurance scheme, the health insurance company BARMER GEK, DHS member organizations and many networks at regional level. Marlene Mortler, member of the Bundestag (MdB) and Drug Commissioner of the Federal Government, is patron of the Alcohol Awareness Week.

If your organization is interested to participate or to give input of national experiences, you are most welcome. Benefits of this network would be a fruitful exchange of ideas and measures of alcohol prevention as well as how to manage an awareness campaign like this. The central message “Alcohol? Less is better!” could be disseminated and anchored on an expansive level. Even more, the existing materials and experiences could be shared and adapted by partners – as the need arises. Last but not least: The awareness campaign sets the focus on your existing help system. People with alcohol problems as well as other concerned and interested people are advised on local and nationwide help offers.

Contact for more information:

German Centre for Addiction Issues (DHS)

Christina Rummel

+49 (0) 2381 – 901524