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EASA defends track record of SR at alcohol advertising conference in Berlin

9 October, Berlin. EASA's President Jean-Pierre Teyssier spoke at the conference entitled "Alcohol advertising - impact and (self)control" on 25 September, which was organised by the German Drug Commissioner Sabine Bätzing.

Speakers at the conference were invited to discuss the issue of alcohol advertising and the impact it might have on children and young people and whether or not self regulation was an appropriate response to the challenges posed. Ms Batzing said “My main concern is children and young people, not an all-encompassing alcohol advertising ban. However, a working and efficient self-regulation system is also necessary.”

Jean Pierre Teyssier, who was invited to present in his capacity as both the President of EASA and of the ARPP, explained the favourable attitude to self-regulation that currently exists at EU level (Advertising Roundtable, AMS directive etc.). He also illustrated the work undertaken through the EASA Charter and presented the reform recently undergone by the ex-BVP now ARPP. Mr Teyssier strongly advocated the important role of self-regulation across Europe in dealing with issues related to advertising content as well as its complementary nature with respect to a general framework of law.

Referring to the German self-regulatory system, In a DW press release and the conference abstract he stated: "From EASA's perspective, the Deutscher Werberat operates in a similar efficient manner to other effective SROs across Europe. The role and value of effective self-regulation has been well acknowledged by the EU Commission notably in the EU Advertising Roundtable report and in the recently adopted AVMS directive."

A representative of DG sanco present at the conference developed further on the Advertising Round Table and the Alcohol and Health Forum process and said that no bans were planned by the commission.

The presentations can be accessed here.