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Eurocare's response to WHO consultation on NCDs Zero Draft Global Action Plan

Eurocare has once again highlighted the need for 10% reduction in per capita alcohol consumption to be included as a global target to tackle NCDs.

Eurocare has submitted its input to the Zero Draft Action Plan for the prevention and control of NCDs

The Zero Draft was prepared based on the outcomes of the first informal consultation with Member States and UN agencies which took place in August 2012 and including the comments received from the interested stakeholders in the consultation conducted between 26 July 2012 and 7 September 2012.

In its response, Eurocare pointed out that there should be a consistent target and actions in relation to alcohol which should be "10% relative reduction in per capita consumption of litres of pure alcohol among persons aged 15+ years". Furthermore, fundamental conflict of interest should be recognized between advancing public health and private money making objectives of the alcohol and tobacco industry.

Eurocare strongly recommended exclusion of the alcohol industry as a stakeholder, similarly as it is being done with the tobacco industry.

Moreover, the initiatives to improve market access globally must be paralleled by initiatives to reach adequate agreements on protecting and improving health in societies as to generate coherence between trade and health policies.

The Zero Draft Action Plan will be discussed during the second informal consultation for Member States and UN Agencies to be held on 1 November 2012. The outcome of that consultation will serve as an input to prepare First Draft Action Plan which will be submitted to WHO Executive Board in January 2013.

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