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Eurocare Seminar in the Parliament: An Alcohol Strategy for Europe?

In January, Eurocare held a seminar in the European Parliament where representatives from the Commission, the European Parliament, the World Health Organisation and the Public Health Community met to analyse the virtues and shortcomings of the new EU Alcohol Strategy that was published by the Commission in October last year.

The Final Conference Report and all the other seminar documents and pictures can be found at:

Full Programme and presentations

Key aspects of the EU strategy to support Member States in reducing alcohol related harm
Keynote speaker: Commissioner Markos Kyprianou, DG Health

The impact of Alcohol in Europe
Dr Peter Anderson - International Public Health Consultant. Co-author of the Report for the Commission “Alcohol in Europe: A Public Health Perspective”

WHO initiatives to reduce alcohol related harm
Dag Rekve – World Health Organization, Geneva

Eurocare recommendations for effective action to reduce the burden of alcohol problems
Ms. Tiziana Codenotti, Vice Chairman, Eurocare

Is the industry really willing to cooperate to curb underage drinking? - Marketing of alcohol to young people
Ms. Monique Kuunders. Policy Adviser. National Foundation for Alcohol Prevention. STAP. The Netherlands.

Personal Testimony: The lives behind the statistics
Ms. Diane Black, adoptive mother of three children with fetal alcohol syndrome, mother of a child killed by a drunk driver, sister to an alcoholic man.

Relevant documents:

Speakers biographies

Participants List

Seminar Documents:

Lowered BAC levels and random breath testing

Maintain relative price of alcohol

Alcohol causes harm to people other than the drinker

Alcohol is a toxic substance

Alcohol is an important health determinant in Europe

Alcohol produces dependence

Manage sale of alcohol

Alcohol and you

Alcohol and Health

Alcohol does not pay its way

You can also see photographs from the Seminar.