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European Workplace and Alcohol - EWA

EWA Toolkit and EWA Policy Recommendations are now available

Alcohol and heavy drinking increase the risk of unemployment, absence from work and poor performance on the job (presenteeism). All of these cost employers and lead to lost productivity, with presenteeism having the greatest negative impact.The primary aim of EWA is to develop effective methods of engaging with workplaces, and their workforces, to raise awareness and bring about individual and organisational change that leads to safer alcohol consumption, and thus a reduction in alcohol-related absenteeism, presenteeism and injuries

EWA started in 2011 and presented its final results at the EWA conference in the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels, November 22 2013.

EWA has prepared a toolkit and policy recommendations, which is now available online.

EWA Toolkit

EWA Policy Recommendations