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Eurostat’s latest comparative price levels for alcohol and tobacco

Read here some of the findings of Eurostat's most recent survey on alcoholic beverages and tobacco prices, which represent on average 2% and 3% of household expenditure respectively.

The research, which also looked into the price of other products, such as non-alcoholic beverages and food, was carried out with 38 European countries in 2015. The results are expressed in price level indices (PLIs), which provide a comparison of countries' price levels with respect to the European Union average.

Within the group of 38 participating countries, Norway is listed as the most expensive for alcohol and tobacco, while the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia is the least expensive.

Among the EU Member States, Ireland has the highest price level for alcohol, while the United Kingdom, the third most expensive for alcohol, is the most expensive for tobacco. Bulgaria is listed as having the lowest prices for alcohol and tobacco.

Eurostat explains that difference in taxation on the products across the 38 countries is the reason why prices vary so much. Price dispersion, Eurostat concludes, is also naturally greatest within the 38-country group, which includes both the high price EFTA countries and the (mostly) low price candidate countries.
Read the full results here.