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Eurocare publishes second library of alcohol health warning labels

It is Eurocare’s wish that this proposal will serve as a starting point for much needed discussion around labelling of alcoholic beverages in the European Union (EU).

Over the last years Eurocare has been advocating for introduction of health warning messages.The Eurocare report: ‘What‘s not on the bottle? Brief overview of state of play in the alcohol labelling’ (December 2011) gives an overview of the different initiatives taken in this area around the world and summarises the main research findings on effectiveness of warning labels.

In the long term, it is Eurocare’s hope that a library of health warning messages will be prepared at the EU level by the European Commission. Moreover, it should be made available to all EU Member States and alcohol producers.

In this document Eurocare would like to present its recommendations and ideas for such a library. It is hoped that they will be a constructive starting point for preparation of library of health warning labels at the EU level, similar to that which has already been developed for tobacco products.

View Eurocare Second Library of Health Warning Messages