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Inventive, ubiquitous, intrusive…. Heineken’s new social media strategy

Brewer steps up mobile focus to drive more fan engagement from social media marketing.

Heineken, the Dutch brewing giant, is using insights gleaned from its global tie-ups with Google and Facebook to develop real-time marketing initiatives to target consumers on mobile devices.

One aspect of the firm's new social media strategy will be developing real-time "second-screen" experiences. An example of this could be a Heineken-branded game aimed at consumers watching a sponsored event, like a match in the UEFA Champions League or the Ultra Music Festival. The aim is to serve targeted content to fans in real-time. In addition the Company will be using Facebook apps which can be used while on the move for brands like Strongbow cider.

Jeremy Brook, head of digital strategy and media innovation at Heineken, suggested that mobile offered a unique chance for its brands to be a part of the conversations fans are having in real-time. He reported that Heineken had been working with Google and Facebook and learned that its target consumers were increasingly using multiple connected devices. The company is considering using other social networks, and has forged links with Twitter to develop a video app to bolster its music sponsorship campaigns in the US.

It now plans to use Vine, the video-sharing platform owned by Twitter, in future marketing efforts.

According to Marketing Week “Digital marketing is set to be a key battleground for brewers this year as they step up efforts to reach younger consumers. Earlier this month, Carlsberg centralised its social media offering to create create traditional advertising campaigns inspired by content from its advocates, while AB Inbev is exploring ways to cascade social media best practices across its markets.