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What’s not on the bottle? Alcohol labels lacking behind

This month Eurocare had the pleasure to present its work and findings on the labelling of alcoholic beverages at the Kettil Bruun Society 40th Annual Meeting in Torino, Italy.

The principal aims of the KBS are to investigate social, epidemiological and cross-cultural research on alcohol use, to promote the exchange of scientific knowledge and experiences among researchers from various disciplines and to encourage international collaboration.

Given the research based character of KBS Eurocare was delighted to be allowed to present its views on labelling. Eurocare was pleased that its presentation raised some discussion among the participants around the issues of evidence in area of labelling. Eurocare hopes that in the future the number of research projects focusing on labelling (both ingredients and health information aspects) of alcoholic beverages will increase.

Over the number of years Eurocare has been working on placing labelling higher on the alcohol policy agenda in Europe. Eurocare has presented its work on labelling regarding ingredients and nutrients listing, review of the currently publicly available evidence sources and supplementing its analysis with regulatory possibilities given the EU legal framework.

Eurocare firmly believes that labelling should be a more prominent topic in the field of European alcohol policy than it is today. In terms of legislative opportunities it has better potential for immediate action from the EU.

Better alcohol labelling would contribute to the shift of paradigm, increase the knowledge and change the perception of risks associated with alcohol consumption.

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Eurocare presentation is available below

AK- What is not on the bottle KBS Torino : 7.88 MB

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