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#OutbidChang - A David vs Goliath mission

Help a local barbershop outbid a giant alcohol company for the Everton Jersey spot. The cost is about $23 million. Our children’s heroes shouldn't be billboards and ambassadors for alcohol brands!

Today, there is only one remaining team in the biggest league in the biggest sport in the world – Everton FC, a football team in the English Premier League, who still has an alcohol brand on their jersey. Their sponsor is Chang beer, a brand from a Thailand-based multinational corporation. They have a long-term sponsorship deal with Everton FC, but this is being renegotiated after next season. We want to replace Chang Beer with our local barbershop The Barber Club, located close to Everton’s home stadium Goodison Park. And that’s where we need your help – every penny counts and every cent takes us closer to our goal!
About us:
We are a father and son owning a local barbershop in Bootle. Our shop, the Barber Club, is located near Everton’s home stadium Goodison Park. Sean ‘the older’ is the owner of the Barber Club, and Sean ‘the younger’ is a barber by profession. Both of us are big Everton supporters and our family has been for generations. It would of course be a dream come true to see our logo on the shirts of our favourite team, especially when it could benefit a great cause and protect children from Big Alcohol.
That’s why we are really happy to take part in this project from BigAlcohol.Exposed.
About BigAlcohol.Exposed:
BigAlcohol.Exposed is a worldwide network of NGOs dedicated to exposing the truth about the unethical business methods of the alcohol industry.
When the people at BigAlcohol.Exposed approached us, we immediately felt that we wanted to be a part of this campaign. Alcohol brands sponsoring sport teams and athletes have an unpleasant side effect – It doesn’t just make adults interested in a certain alcohol brand, but children even more so. Children in the UK today are actually more familiar with alcohol brands than they are with sweet and cake brands.
Our expectations:
Of course our dream is to have our barbershop’s logo on the jersey of our favourite team. We love football, we love Everton, we love children and we think they deserve better than being the target of Big Alcohol’s brand advertising. Let children be children. But the most important thing for us is to create awareness of the problem. So even if we don’t reach our goal to #OutbidChang, we will consider it a victory if every person who starts talking about the issue, spreads it on social media or wears our merchandise. So please help us!
At the same time, we know that a lot of people around the world care about their children – that’s why we believe that this is dream can come true. Our children’s heroes shouldn't be billboards and ambassadors for alcohol brands.

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