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Protection of minors in the digital era

Eurocare presented its concerns regarding alcohol marketing and social media at the conference organized under the Greek Presidency, 14.-15. April.

The Greek Presidency organised the conference “Protection of minors in the digital era” 14.-15. April. The conference was focusing on challenges arising from a digital media and new opportunities. The Audio Visual Media Services Directive (AVMSD) was in focus from several of the speakers, and concern was raised over all services not included in the directive. For Eurocare, however, not only the services outside the AVMSD are of concern, but it is important to highlight challenges within the existing regulation, such as marketing of alcohol.

Eurocare was focusing on the new challenges in marketing regulation for new media. Today, the media reality is more complex and diversified, at the same time there are less regulation. According to the WHO “European status report on alcohol and health 2014”, there are only six countries with no restriction on alcohol marketing of spirits on TV, while it is 21 countries with no restriction for internet or social media (see picture below).

who marketing

Finland was then presented as an example of a country which is trying to regulate the new challenges, and has adopted stronger regulation on alcohol marketing which will be implemented from January 2015. Read more on Finland and alcohol marketing regulation here.

More information on the conference “Protection of minors in the digital era” at the Greek Presidency webpage