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Defeating drunkenness in Russia : myth or reality?

In the Press Centre at RIA Novosti on the 17 October Director Tatyana Mironova had gathered a roundtable of speakers calling for a Roadmap with concrete actions.

Today more than 2% of the Russian population is sick because of alcohol related harm and illness. "More than half of the Russian population believes it is possible to solve Russia’s problem with alcohol ... but only in the distant future " - show the results of a nationwide survey.

This initiative is taken to increase the effectiveness of measures taken and implemented to reduce the level of alcohol abuse and should help turn the victory over drinking from a utopia into reality.

Foundation United Society wants to ensure that the laws are enforced and that civil society is engaged together with public health experts and researchers at all levels. There is an immediate need for evaluation and research of all initiatives undertaken.

The panelists were: Professor Eugene A. Brun - the Director of the Moscow Research Center of Addictions, Chief Psychiatrist of the Ministry of Health, the Deputy Chief Psychiatrist of the Moscow Health Department on Drug Abuse, MD

Mariann Skar - The Secretary General of the European Alcohol Policy Alliance (EuroCare)

Alexander Nemtsov - MD, a leading expert on the problems of alcohol mortality and alcohol policy

Fighters Sergey - Director, National Research Centre for Preventive Medicine

Ilya Sokolov - PhD, Head Laboratory Scientific direction of fiscal policy, "Macroeconomics and Finance", Institute for Economic Policy ET Gaidar (Gaidar Institute)

The roundtable was organized by the FOUNDATION UNITED SOCIETY, an independent non-profit organization, a National Monitoring Centre for Public Health and the promotion of healthy lifestyles.