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Sport and Alcohol – les liaisons dangereuses

ANPAA’s latest issue of Décryptages explores the controversial relationship between alcohol and sport. The publication explains that while both alcohol and sport can be associated with enjoyment and celebration, such associations are made in very different ways.

Is alcohol any good for sport?

This is the first question which the publication seeks to address, and it argues that we have a simple answer here, which is:

No, because sports people would not use alcohol to improve performance. On the contrary, the answer continues, alcohol would spoil any competition, by hindering concentration and slowing things down.

Quoting data from the Institut de Recherche, du Bien-être, de la Médecine et du Sport Santé (IRBMS), the paper summarises the disadvantages of alcohol in sport as follows:

• it does not contribute to muscle strength

• it delays visual and audio reactions

• it hinders coordination and maximisation of efforts

• It hinders judgement capacity and increases aggression

• It hinders the quality of sleep by reducing deep sleep phases

• It delays recovery

When you practise sport, the papers concludes, it is better to abstain from drinking alcohol.Read the full publication (in French only) here.