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The EU Alcohol Strategy

A Communication on the EU Strategy on alcohol is expected to be presented to the College of Commissioners on 11 October in response to repeated requests by Health Ministers.

The Communication will propose measures and initiatives to be carried out in the future in order to reduce the health and social harms caused by alcohol

After adoption by the college of Commissioners, the Communication will be forwarded to the European Parliament and the Council, further to which concrete steps will be taken on the basis of the comments made by the two institutions.

The evidence base that has informed the Commission includes:

- Submissions from and extensive consultations with representatives of the alcohol industry, health groups and other interested parties

- The Alcohol in Europe report

- The RAND report on the economic impacts of EU Alcohol policies

- A round table process chaired by the European Policy Centre think tank bringing together industry, health groups and other stakeholders

- The Commission's own report on the implementation of the Council Recommendation on the drinking of alcohol by young people

- The Commission's own impact assessment report

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