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UK: David Cameron reportedly abandons plans for minimum alcohol price

Sources have confirmed that David Cameron has bowed to pressure from the Treasury and abandoned his plans for a minimum alcohol price.

13 March 2013. Back in March 2012, the UK Government made a clear commitment to introduce a MUP for alcohol when its alcohol strategy was published.

Eurocare and its members would like to urge the UK Government not to backtrack, and to put health and lives first by introducing a minimum unit price for alcohol (MUP) to tackle problem of easily accessible cheap alcohol.

Recent major health reports show that Britain faces an enormous burden from alcohol. With death rates from liver disease rising by 65% over the past 20 years. The NHS spends billions every year treating disease caused by alcohol misuse.The UK Government cannot afford to not address problem drinking through effective measures.

Katherine Brown, Director of Policy at the Institute of Alcohol Studies says:

“It is essential that the evidence to support minimum pricing is communicated in a fair and transparent manner. This is a policy that has a broad support base, including doctors, police and emergency services – people who work to mop up the mess caused by excessive alcohol consumption.

“Minimum pricing is a targeted policy that will tackle the problems caused by the cheapest alcohol consumed by harmful and heavy drinkers. There is good evidence to suggest it will make a real difference to the number of alcohol related deaths, crimes and hospital admissions, whilst having little impact on moderate drinkers.

If you are a British citizen or UK resident please support the online petition the British Medical Association (BMA) have set up on behalf of the Alcohol Health Alliance in the UK urging the Government to continue its support for MUP.

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