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UK House of Lords asks for evidence on EU’s Alcohol Strategy

The House of Lords (the second chamber of UK Parliament) is launching an inquiry into the EU’s Alcohol Strategy.

The EU Home Affairs and Education Sub- Committee, is seeking evidence on the rationale behind the EU Alcohol Strategy.

The aim of the inquiry is to consider:

- How successful the existing Strategy has been in it states aims

- How the Treaty of the Functioning of the European Union has affected EU policies in terms of protecting public health on the one hand as against securing the free movement of alcoholic goods in the internal market on the other

- Developments at the EU Member State and international level

In the light of this assessment, the inquiry aims to make suggestions about the content of the next EU Alcohol Strategy and how it might be made more effective.

Eurocare has been calling on the EU Commission since 2011 to develop a new EU Alcohol Strategy and is delighted that such important body as the House of Lords has taken an interest.

Eurocare will be submitting evidence and would like to encourage other interested parties to participate.

Deadline for submission is 19th September

To find out more follow visit the House of Lords website

To find out more about Eurocare position on the EU Alcohol Strategy visit EU Alcohol Strategy of Eurocare website