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When do you break the marketing code of alcohol? What is social success?

Diageo is this week launching a new UK TV ad for its Guiness brand as part of its 'Made of More' campaign. The ad, which had its premiere on 15th January, features 'Sapeurs from Brazzaville, the capital of the Republic of Congo.

According to Article 22 in the EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive television advertising for alcoholic beverages “shall not create the impression that the consumption of alcohol contributes towards social or sexual success’’.

On its YoutTube channel Guiness claims: GUINNESS' new ad features the 'society of elegant persons of the Congo' otherwise known as the 'Sapeurs', a group of everyday heroes from Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo. In this ad, GUINNESS follows the Sapeurs whose way of life is a testament to the belief of putting more in, to get more out. Their life is not defined by occupation or wealth, but by respect, a moral code and an inspirational display of flair and creativity. This is demonstrated through their love of stylish dressing; but it is not the fabric or cost of the suit that counts, it is the worth of the man inside it.

However, when the highlights of the add are elegant suits and watches the intentions of the producer are hard to discover, or aren’t they?

The ad launched by Diageo could be considered on the border line and open for interpretation whether it breaches Art 22 of AVMSD. But it appears the gamble is worth the hustle for Diageo, it revealed last September it was planning to spend GBP34m (US$53m) to reinvigorate the Guinness brand in the UK.