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TAKE CARE reaches practical phase - Newsletter published

5 August 2011. The EU funded project TAKE CARE ("Strategies towards responsible alcohol consumption for adolescents in Europe") has reached the practical phase. First pilot trainings with adolescents took place in the individual countries. The Belgian partner CAD Limburg is preparing materials for retailer trainings. The implementation of the multilevel approach TAKE CARE with all four target groups (adolescents, parents, key persons and retailer/employees) is ready.

The objective of the project TAKE CARE is the reduction of alcohol consumption and related harms among adolescents and young adults. The aim of the project is to stop underage drinking. To that end a multi level approach that involves youngsters, parents, key persons and employees of retail shops has been developed. Young people will be trained to strengthen their risk competence. Street workers and prevention experts gain access to them on public places. Parents and key persons will get support to develop a clear and reflected attitude towards alcohol consumption. Retailers and employees will also receive information and training.

For more information, visit Take Care website and the latest newsletter