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EU consultation "Towards a Stronger European Response to Drugs"

European Commission Directorate-General for Justice is running a consultation which aims at gathering the opinion of individuals and stakeholders that have an interest in and would like to shape the EU anti-drugs policy. The consultation is designed to help the European Commission identify what are the EU-level actions on which it should focus in order to bring added value in the field of anti-drugs policy.

Eurocare has responded to the strategy, where we stresses the need to address the linkages between the different substances, such as alcohol, illicit drugs and tobacco. Identifying the way the different substances impact on each other and are interlinked is the basis for building a strategy to respond to the harms done for both individuals and society, and to come up with the prevention tools needed to reduce harm from use of all these substances. Polydrug use is especially common among the young population and efforts to prevent harm is needed.

Furthermore, Eurocare believes that the broader issue of addiction is a topic which should be addressed stronger from the European Commission, and Eurocare welcomes an initiative to explore different mechanisms and contexts of addictive behaviour in the next drug strategy.

Eurocare also addresses the issue of monitoring in the response. Monitoring would be a key element in the work of a drug strategy, and the great work of EMCDDA should be extended to include alcohol in its work. Alcohol consumption could be included in the yearly monitoring reports and the databank should include more examples on best practice on alcohol policy from Member States.

The deadline has now been extended until the 3rd February 2012, and you can access the consultation here