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Issue 4, 2013 (27 March)



Eurocare publishes second library of alcohol health warning labels

It is Eurocare’s wish that this proposal will serve as a starting point for much needed discussion around labelling of alcoholic beverages in the European Union (EU).

News from the EU Institutions


A paradox: European law invoked to frustrate alcohol policy

European law is being invoked to defeat alcohol harm reduction strategies. This is a paradox, since the wellbeing of the population and the promotion of public health are primary objectives in the European treaties in their modern form.


European Parliament votes in favour of wine quotas till 2030

The EP has disappointingly sided with the wine industry by maintaining the planting quotas on wine production until 2030.

Research, Reports and Projects


NEW: Guidelines to develop healthier and safer nightlife environments

The European Club Health project has produced a series of resources to support local, national and European policymakers and practitioners develop healthier and safer nightlife environments.


Scientists hit back at drinks industry criticisms of research on minimum pricing

Scientists have today spoken out against criticisms from the drinks industry of research on the effects of minimum pricing.

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