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Eurocare meets EU Health Commissioner

Eurocare met with Commissioner Tonio Borg on 16 May for an exchange of views and expressed their support for renewed efforts at EU level to target alcohol problems in Europe.

At the meeting Eurocare communicated to the Commissioner the wide support among both European and national NGOs, the Health authorities from the different Member States and Members of the European Parliament for a new and stronger alcohol EU alcohol strategy.

Eurocare supported the Scottish Government’s efforts to reduce alcohol related problems in its jurisdiction and highlighted that evidence shows MUP targets the heaviest drinkers while having minimal impact on the amount spent by moderate drinkers. In addition the need to raise the minimum excise duties on alcoholic beverages across EU was discussed, as several Member States are struggling with cross border trade.

Eurocare expressed the need for better labeling of alcoholic beverages that gives information about ingredients, caloric content as well as the risks of alcohol consumption

Eurocare offered full support for the Commissioner’s efforts to reduce the burden of alcohol problems in Europe and wished the Commissioner the best success in his position.