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Bulgarian students win European Ad Venture competition 2013

This year Eurocare has taken part in the AdVenture competition which asked students across Europe to develop a campaign about the dangers of drinking alcohol.

Ad Venture is pan-European competition which gives students the chance to experience what it is like to work in an advertising agency. It is organised EACA through its European Institute for Commercial Communications Education, edcom.This international competition is open to students from the edcom academic members, as well as from other non-edcom members that teach communications studies.

This year's edition has focused on raising awareness about the dangers of binge drinking among 18 – 25 year-old Europeans. Given its expertise in the field Eurocare was asked by EACA to participate in that adventure.

Eurocare was represented by Claude Riviere, Special Adviser to Eurocare Board and Head of International Affairs, ANPAA, throughout the whole judging process.

Claude Riviere commented: Commercial communications and promotions of alcohol – when seductive, attractive and appealing to young people – increase the likelihood that young people will start drinking and, for those who are already drinking, incite them to drink more.

We are therefore delighted that the subject was received with such a great interest by students. We observed with great curiosity the approach students took, their understanding of binge drinking and the messages they proposed to deliver. In fact the exercise was not easy, neither for the students nor for us as a member of the jury, since in some cases the campaign message was very good but the strategy to convey it was weak and vice versa. We especially appreciated the entries that used positive messages, a fun framing, «having an even better time with less alcohol» and showing the negative social image of binge drinking, rather than the impact on young people’s health, to which young people do not really relate.

We hope that as this year’s participants will pursue their careers as advertisers, they will remember this experience and in the future work deliver responsible marketing practices.

In the first round of judging total of 6 Eurocare members took part: Lauri Beekmann (Estonian Temperance Union), Katherine Brown (Institute of Alcohol Studies), Nils Garnes (Actis), Jan Peloza (Alcohol Policy Youth Network), Ella Sjodin (IOGT-NTO)

The “Antennas” team from New Bulgarian University in Sofia, Bulgaria, represented by Iviana Gicheva, Ivan Hristov, Elitsa Radeva and Aleksandra Stoimenova defeated 78 other teams from 14 countries to win first place, answering a brief developed in collaboration with the European Alcohol Policy Alliance (Eurocare) under the framework of the European Commission’s Alcohol and Health Forum. The winning team will attend the student programme at Cannes Lions Advertising Festival in June in recognition of their success.

The objective of the winning campaign “Like your Reflection?” is to achieve 40% awareness about emotional damage among the target group, to overturn the perception that binge drinking is cool and to lower consumption levels of alcohol by at least 30%.

Three finalist teams were selected during two initial judging rounds and invited to present their campaigns to the third round jury and delegates during the edcom annual Conference at IADE Creative University on 17 May in Lisbon, Portugal. The two runners-up were the “Empty Whale” team from University of Navarra, Spain and the “Madness” team from Bucharest University, Romania.

Source: The European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA)