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Promoting resilience and improving productivity through alcohol policies at the workplace (22.11.2013)


Date: Friday, 22 November 2013

Time: 08:30h -16h00

Venue: European Economic and Social Committee ( )

Room VM3, 2nd floor, Van Maerland Building, 2, rue Van Maerland, 1040 Brussels


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Risky and heavy drinking can incur costs at the workplace through increased absenteeism and reduced productivity on the job, damaging relationships between employees, affecting staff morale, and leading to accidents and injuries at work.

Good prevention policies and activities at the work place to reduce the risks of heavy drinking offer a very good return on investment since they are not expensive or time consuming to implement. Policies and activities work best when embedded in broader workplace health promotion and well-being at work initiatives that also deal with workplace practices that can lead to stress and heavy drinking.

Over the last two years, the European Workplace and Alcohol (EWA) Project, which has been co-financed by the European Commission, has been working with over 60 employers throughout Europe to develop and implement alcohol at workplace policies and actions. The employers have come from the public and private sectors and have ranged from large to small and medium enterprises. Based on this experience, the EWA project will launch its tool kit on how to develop and implement actions at the work place on alcohol and heavy drinking that bring good returns on investments for employers and employees through improved resilience, better well-being, reduced employer costs, and increased productivity.

This one day workshop will present the core messages from the tool kit and will promote understanding of how better to implement effective actions on alcohol and heavy drinking; and, it will identify the pitfalls to avoid.



08.30 Registration and coffee

08.45 Welcome by the host and project leader:

09.00 Returns on investment from alcohol at workplace policies

09.30 EWA project: From results to tool kit, core messages and policy recommendations

10.30 Coffee break

10.45 Pilot experiences and stories: lessons learnt

12.00 Lunch break

13:00 Pilot experiences and stories: Integrating alcohol policies within the company culture

13:45 Pilot experiences and stories: Helping the drinkers: Poland, Belgium and Ireland

14:30 Debate: Way forward at European level: EC, Union Workers representatives etc....

15.30 Wrap-up and take home messages

15:45 Close of the conference