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Online Conference on Digital Alcohol Marketing (31.10.2013)

Developments in digital alcohol marketing have gone rapidly as alcohol marketers adapt to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. Consequently, there is a need for up-to-date evidence based policy measures.

To ring the alarm bell, close the gap in the literature and publicize much needed policy recommendations, EUCAM is dedicating its first online conference on the subject of digital alcohol marketing. The conference will result in the publication of the EUCAM Manifesto on Digital Alcohol Marketing. NGOs, policy officials and scientists are welcome to participate.

Preliminary Program

1. Avalon de Bruijn, Researcher Alcohol Marketing Europe at EUCAM
The Effects of Online Marketing on Youth: An evidence-based overview
In this presentation De Bruijn provides an overview of the current state of scientific knowledge on the effects of online marketing on children. She also presents findings of her own recent research on the effects of exposure to online alcohol marketing on the drinking behaviour of over 9.000 high school students in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Poland.

2. Prof. Gerard Hastings, Director of the Institute for Social Marketing and the Centre for Tobacco Control Research & Mark Grindle, Researcher at the Institute for Social Marketing at Stirling University and the Open University
Alcohol Marketing Online and through Social Media: How does it work?
In this presentation Hastings and Grimble describe the tactics and methods of alcohol marketers online and through social media. This presentation is based on own research as well as recent descriptive studies of the methods of online alcohol marketers.

3. Monika Kosinska, Secretary General of the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) in Brussels
Why self-regulation is not working in the field of online alcohol marketingon
In this presentation Kosinska illustrates why we can't rely on the alcohol and advertising industries to regulate themselves in order to protect our children against exposure to digital alcohol marketing.

4. Gerard van der Waal, Communication Officer at EUCAM
European’s Interaction with Alcohol Brands on Social Media
Presenting highlights from a new EUCAM Fact Sheet on the amount of user interaction on alcohol branded social network sites in European Countries. Which brand is most popular in which country, and how do these figures relate to non-alcohol branded sites?

5. Ismo Tuominen, Ministerial Councellor for the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Finland
Strengthening Online Alcohol Advertising Regulations: A case study from Finland
Mr. Tuominen is partly responsible for formulating Finland's new law which (i.a.) effectively bans alcohol marketing on social network sites. In this presentation he will describe the new legal restrictions as well as explain the thinking behind it.

6. Wim van Dalen, president of EUCAM
Conclusions & Presentation of the EUCAM Manifesto on Digital Alcohol Marketing
Van Dalen will close the conference by taking the conclusions of the earlier presentations and summarising these into a manifesto on digital alcohol marketing, including brand new policy recommendations.

The conference will be hosted and moderated by Tiziana Codenotti Vice Chairmain of EUROCARE, the European Alcohol Policy Alliance.

Practical Information

Time & Date
The conference will take place on Thursday the 31st of October. We will start at 14:00 hours (UTC+01:00/Central European Time). Logging in becomes possible at 13.30 hours. The conference will run until approximately 16:00 hrs. Afterwards, a recording of the conference will be made available online to all participants.


To participate in this online event, we ask a fee of $30,- USD/ € 23.20 EUR. This amount can be paid through PayPal directly online in the registration form (or in some countries with credit card).
Alternatively, the amount can also be transferred directly to International Bank Account Number NL74ABNA0502488522, at Bank Identifier Code ABNANL2A. Please designate the payment as ‘online conference’ and include your email address. Also, please notify us of your transfer by sending an email to stating that you wish to participate in the conference and have transferred the fee. When we have received the fee, we will send you a code which ensures you can register for the conference without additional costs. In the registration form, you can enter this code in the field labelled: Discount Code.

Online Conferencing: How does it work?

While you won’t be shaking hands with any of the speakers or other participants at this conference you can otherwise have pretty much the same experience as that of a real-life conference. Only now, you don’t even have to leave the house or office. To realise this online conference we use a web service called In four simple steps, this is how it works:

Step 1. Sign up. By filling out the registration form (including creating your own password) you get access toEUCAM’s own page at

Step 2. On October 31st, you will be able to log-into EUCAM’s AnyMeeting page from 13:30 hours onwards. Alternatively, you can also use the phone to participate in the conference by calling (+001)-213-416-1560), and entering the Guest Access Code: 829 2938. Although this is a realistic option, EUCAM does not encourage the use of this service as the costs of using this toll number internationally are expected to be substantial.

Step 3. When you have signed in, AnyMeeting will show some advice on how to get the optimal results from this online conferencing experience. When you see the field with the rising sun, you have entered the conference environment. As soon as the conference starts you should see and hear the host making the introduction.

Step 4. After each presentation we have dedicated some time to questions and answers. While you cannot actually raise your hand to get to ask your questions, virtually you can achieve the same, by moving your mouse cursor over the ‘My Mood’ icon above the presenter and then clicking the blue button ‘Raise Hand’. This will show the presenter and host that you have a question at which point they can prompt you to ‘unmute’ yourself and ask your question. During the presentation al the participants’ microphones are automatically muted, during the Q&A you can click on the microphone next to your name in the upper left area of the screen to unmute yourself (and mute yourself again after you have asked your question). If you don’t have a microphone or do not want to be heard, you can also ask your question with the text chat function. You can find this in the lower left part of the screen. In the field stating ‘Type your Message Here’ you can type your message, with the dropdown menu above you can choose to send your message to the presenter exclusively or to all participants.

Register now!
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