Alcohol in the Headlines

Eurocare monitors news articles about alcohol, and every week a number of articles will be uploaded here.

UK - Alcohol-related emergencies rise by 52% in four years (18.3.13)

Ambulance crews are dealing with a massive rise of booze-fuelled incidents caused by Britain’s alcohol-crazed culture.

Norway - SV Wants More Flexible Alcohol Sale in Norway (13.3.13)

Norwegian Socialist Left Party (SV) proposes allowance of beer sale whole day around the country. The proposal aims to give the authority to municipalities for determining the nightlife and alcohol

Finland - Alcohol a growing problem among the elderly (18.3.13)

Alcohol abuse among the elderly is a ticking time bomb. Pensioners today have more years and more money to develop serious drinking problems.

Ireland - 1st National Alcohol Awareness Week begins today (18.3.13)

Ireland's first National Alcohol Awareness Week begins today as the St Patrick's Day celebrations wind down for another year.

Ireland - Teens and alcohol and how we compare (6.3.13)

The Irish relationship with drink has come in for a lot of criticism, not least in Des Bishop’s recent TV series. But how do young people treat alcohol in other countries? We sent reporters out w

France - Alcohol report lays bare France's drink problem (4.3.13)

The reputation of the French for drinking in moderation appears slightly misleading after a worrying report released on Monday revealed alcohol is responsible for around 49,000 deaths in France eac

France - France introduces car breathalyser law – again (1.3.13)

The confusion appears to be over. The French government confirmed on Friday that it will be compulsory for motorists to carry breathalyser kits in their cars. The move comes after the Interior Mini

Latvia - Alcohol availability for young people to be reduced (5.3.13)

Latvia may be a good example for the Baltic Sea Area to establish rules that will reduce alcohol availability and consumption rates among young people. The Latvian Parliamentary Judicial Commission

Denmark - Alcohol and unhealthy food brings Denmark at the bottom of the life expectancy list (1.3.13)

A large number of smokers, lots of alcohol, unhealthy and high calorie diet are some of the causes for the Dane's poor health.

Sweden - Swedish teens now toe the line (9.3.12)

The behaviour of Swedish 15-year-olds has improved since the mid-1990s – they're less likely now to skip school, steal or drink than they were in the past.

Scotland - Demand for more radical action on cheap alcohol (1.3.13)

THE Scottish Government has been urged to go further in its crackdown on cheap alcohol, by a group of health organisations demanding a radical strategy from Westminster and all the devolved admini

UK - Study shows Brits underreport alcohol consumption by up to 60 percent (27.2.13)

A British survey showed that the average man and woman underreported their weekly drinking consumption by as much as 60 percent.

Canada - Unhealthy drinking widespread around the world, CAMH study shows (4.3.13)

A new study by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) shows that alcohol is now the third leading cause of the global burden of disease and injury, despite the fact most adults worldwid

UK - Children in UK are more exposed to alcohol promotion than adults (4.3.13)

Experts are calling for a complete ban on alcohol-related advertising and sponsorship in the United Kingdom after a study revealed that British children are more exposed to promotional campaigns t

Addiction - Alcohol—a universal preventive agent? A critical analysis (1.3.13)

In observational studies, moderate drinking is associated with a reduced risk of more than twenty different diseases and health problems. However, it would be premature to conclude that there is a