Alcohol in the Headlines

Eurocare monitors news articles about alcohol, and every week a number of articles will be uploaded here.

Finland - Just One Alcoholic Drink a Day Could Lower Your Ability to Learn New Things (25.10.12)

New study, from researchers at Rutgers University and the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland, has suggested that even moderate drinking could place drinkers at risk. Lead author Megan Anderson and

Russia - Russia May Ban Cheap Wine (29.10.12)

The Russian Union of Wine-Growers and Wine-Makers has sent a request to the Russian government to set minimum retail prices for wines to compensate domestic winemakers for rising world prices due

South Africa - South Africa: Alcohol Advertising Ban Still a Hot Debate (26.10.12)

The advertising industry, civil society, academia and government, earlier this week, deliberated on the issue of banning alcohol advertising in a heated debate held in Johannesburg.

Finland - The disadvantages of alcohol increased five-fold in 20 years (25.10.12)

This year alone will result in a loss of a billion euro, as the loss is compared with Finland’s gross domestic product. In 1990 the drinking deficit amounted to 212 million euro.

Germany - Heavy drinking 'kills you quicker than smoking' and poses greater risk to women than men (16.10.12)

Heavy drinking kills you more quickly than smoking and is especially dangerous among women, a study suggests.

Finland - If you look under 30, get your ID out (12.10.12)

Members of the Finnish Grocery Trade Association have agreed that anyone who looks less than 30 years of age will have to produce a valid picture ID to buy tobacco or alcohol products as of the sta

Estonia - Duty-Free Allowances on Border Could Become Weekly Limits (8.10.12)

Officials plan to tighten up the rules on duty-free allowances for cigarettes and alcohol on Estonia's border with Russia.

UK - Baby boomer alcohol harm 'more likely than in young' (12.10.12)

More NHS money is spent treating alcohol-related illness in baby boomers than young people, a study says.

Australia - Industry revolts as federal health agency proposes ban on discount booze (13.10.12)

CHEAP wine will be banned under a federal health agency's plan to make drinkers pay at least $8-$10 for a bottle of booze.

UK - One fifth of British parents think alcohol improves their parenting skills (10.10.12)

Nineteen percent of Britain’s mothers and fathers believe that alcohol improves their parenting skills, a new report has found. Perhaps beer goggles make your kids look cuter.

Haiti - Prime minister announces sin tax on alcohol cigarettes to pay for education (8.10.12)

Haiti's government wants to raise $100 million for a special education fund by putting additional taxes on alcohol, cigarettes and gambling, the Caribbean nation's prime minister said Monday.

Australia - Alcohol warning can curb drinking: study (5.10.12)

Negative warning labels on pre-mixed alcoholic drinks may help curb binge drinking among high-risk youths, research shows.

UK - Super-strength lager causing more harm than crack or heroin (6.10.12)

A single can contains more alcohol than the recommended daily maximum. The companies behind them claim they are committed to responsible drinking, yet are still content to make a fortune...

Scotland - Four new articles about minimum pricing

Minimum alcohol pricing is delayed as Europe mulls over free trade (28.9.12)

SNP Ministers’ attempts to introduce a minimum price for alcohol could be delayed after questions over th

Ireland - Fears for future of Shortall's alcohol strategy (28.9.12)

CAMPAIGNERS AGAINST alcohol abuse say there is “huge concern” for the future of the Government’s plan to tackle the issue following the resignation of Róisín Shortall.